Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation Update (part 1)

Just a quick note to tell everyone I'm still alive and give a few notes from our vacation to Minnesota August 2-11. I was emailing someone with a short vacation debrief and thought I'd copy and paste to give my faithful viewers (both of them, hee hee) a little bit to read.

No heatstroke or mosquito bite to report. (Really!)

We had a great vacation, though the reunion (Fri-Sun) was a little interesting - I'm not used to being around 80 people, 30 of which were under 18... Good thing the camp was big. ;-) I donated my shoelace to a scavenger hunt and found out that Bill's sister Peggy and I are the only ones at the bonfire that knew the song "Arky Arky" (or part of it, anyway). What are they teaching these kids today? ;-) Bill's brother Jeff plays guitar, but he only knows old bluegrass folk songs, most of which are extremely dark. I'm thinking I'll have to learn to play guitar before the next reunion (3-5 years). I've been wanting to learn a few Jars of Clay and Jennifer Knapp songs, anyway... maybe I'll have to actually do something with that.

We learned on the plane ride back (okay, I'm assuming a little bit here) that unaccompanied minors board the plane last and sit in the back row (presumably for better supervision by the flight attendants). This must be a new FAA ruling since people picking them up can't come to the gate anymore. It also sounds like if they're under a certain age, the person picking them up has to sign for them. We sat right in front of three 10-12 year old girls that had never met and are now lifelong friends. Note to Bill - never pick seats at the back of the plane and next time Kristin asks if she should spend the money for noise-canceling headsets, the correct answer is YES! :-p I saw some headsets the day before we left (we were on a mission for something else) and I thought about it... Might have been worth the $50.

More another time... still wading through email.