Saturday, July 11, 2009

Has it really been that long???

Hi, all!
It always seems like nothing's new, but this time I have a little news and I've had way too much caffeine today, so now seems like a good time.

New weight, new phone, new hair!

Friday I had my monthly weigh and measure at Curves, and I was officially under 200 pounds! YAY! 198.5! Another goal reached! In half a pound, I also will have lost 30 pounds, which is 1/3 of all I want to lose. It's so nice to see progress, especially since the past couple of weeks I've been yo-yoing and plateauing with my weight. I've been eating right around my calories goal and working out my three times a week, but I was still gaining or not losing. I was pretty frustrated. Hopefully that nonsense is over and we can go back to losing weight. ;-)

About the time of my last post I decided to try out a new phone (if I told you this already, feel free to skip down - I don't feel like going back to look). I wanted something that would have street addresses of my contacts in my phone so I'd always have them, so my choices were a Palm or Blackberry. Well, the Palm device I had the choice of doesn't work with the navigator software that I can't live without, so Kristin got a Blackberry. I'm such a geek. Now since it's not a work device I couldn't sync it with my work contacts (where all my contacts live) so THANK YOU to one of my coworkers, I transferred everything into Google Calendar and Contacts and now I have my schedule and contacts on the go. It wasn't without some manual intervention required, but at least I got the phone to do what I bought it for. Oh, and I got a great deal on it (assuming I remember to send in the rebate on time).

A week ago, I got my hair cut. And I mean CUT! I'd been thinking about going really short ever since my big cut last year, but Bill (and I) needed to ease into it a little bit. I took some pictures with my phone camera that will have to suffice. The first two are fuzzy because they are pictures of my reflection in the mirror the day I came home with the new do. The other two are "direct" shots taken other days.

Bill had day surgery this week (Wednesday), so I've been trying to be a good nurse, but not doing too well, I'm afraid. It's been a long time since I've had to do anything like that, and I've pretty much forgotten how. ;-) He's doing pretty well, though, independent guy that he is. He's still in some pain, but the meds are keeping that in check. All in all, he's being a good patient (now - he was being a little too independent the first day or two). He worked from home Thursday and Friday; I'm not sure if he'll work from home Monday or go into work. He'll probably still be on meds so I'd prefer he stay home, but it's his call. He commutes by bus so I don't have to worry about him driving, but he's been on the drowsy side. I can just see him falling asleep on the bus or something. He's certainly not as loopy as he was the first couple of days since he's decreased the dosage since then. :-)

This coming week I do my three workouts, and Thursday I'm going to a baseball game with my friend Joanne. She and I go to several of the Aquasox games together every year, and I'm really looking forward to it since I haven't seen her in forever. I think I've seen her since last baseball season, but I don't know that I could tell you for sure. We keep trying to get together for dinner, but her work schedule changes every week (ah, the joys of retail) so it's hard to pin her down.

We're still looking forward to our vacation to Minnepolis coming up in August. I'm going to be in internet withdrawl because Bill's parents have dial-up so I won't be able to Facebook or read and reply to email except through the Blackberry. Sure, that's what it's for, but it's laborious to type much on that little keyboard. So, don't be offended if you email me or send me a FB comment that week and I don't reply or say much back. It's nothing personal. ;-) Can you just see me trying to catch up when I get back? Yikes!

Well, I think that's about it for this update. I actually had news and pictures and everything! Are you impressed? ;-)