Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bringing you up to date....

Hi, all!!!

Just a note to bring things up to date. Since my last post, my stepfather (David) had an operation to remove a tumor from his bladder, and has another surgery and treatment scheduled on May 9th. More news as it becomes available.

We also found out this week that Bill’s mother (Arlene) has a lump on her neck that is suspect, and though she doesn’t give us great detail, the words “oncologist” and “chemo” have been used in her emails.

Prayers are appreciated for both David and Arlene and the families.

 In more upbeat news, it’s May, and spring has come to Seattle (at least for a week). It’s too bright out for me, but the other people seem to be enjoying it. ;-)  

I have a scrapbook crop on Saturday where I’ll be working on scrapbooking our wedding photos (5 and a half years later).  In my spare time, I’m knitting a sweater, testing a pattern for a gal on Ravelry. I’m about 20-25% of the way through it and have until the third week of May to get it done. Wish me luck! That also means all of my other projects are on hold… one of these days I’ll have another pair of matching socks. Right now I have three single socks waiting for mates. I actually have four, but I don’t like that sock so I don’t think I’ll be making another one. I also want to make a pair of Mariners’ colors socks for the July 25th Stitch and Pitch game.  Baseball and yarn! YAY!

I guess that’s about the news for now. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and prayers.