Friday, June 11, 2010

Another month goes by.....

... without an update from me. You all are probably used to it. ;-) I've been in a funk over the last month (except for my birthday, which I'll talk about later). I haven't felt like doing anything, and for the most part, I haven't.

I did manage to get some things sewn and some jewelry made, but haven't gotten around to taking the pictures to list them in my Etsy store. The great news is that I did sell three of my purse organizers to one of my friends! YAY! I do hope they sell on Etsy, too, along with the wine charms I've been making. I need to stock up on things because in September I'm doing a month-long display at the Curves I belong to for the Business Member of the Month. I also have to get signage and display stuff done, preferably before the last minute.

So the highlight of the time since you heard from me was my birthday! Usually it's a rather ordinary day, but a couple of my coworkers found out about it and decorated my cube. I've worked in the same place for years and no one has cared before - I was even going to pay for my own cake for my birthday - but they did a great job decorating and brought me a cake. Chocolate with chocolate frosting! YUM!!!! I was really touched that they went to that effort for little old me. :-) I got some great gifts from friends and family, and had dinner out at my favorite restaurant.

I also signed up for retreat in September, so I have to figure out projects to work on between now and then. ;-) I do have a project that I didn't get to at the May retreat... maybe I'll try to work on that. Or bind these quilts that I had quilted but aren't bound yet. Ugh. I'm so lazy. Or maybe it's all the blind hand stitching I know I'll have to do. Yeah, we'll blame the hand stitching. ;-)

In other news, we have our vacation plans in order, the pet sitter scheduled, and a new suitcase bought that hopefully won't go over the weight limit like our big one does. *rolls eyes* I'm hoping that the less we can take, the less the suitcase will weigh. I'm also more confident that the slightly smaller suitcase will fit in the Aveo we're renting where the big suitcase very well might not fit in the trunk. All these details!

Well, that's about all the news I have for now. "Talk" to you next month (I hope!)! :-)