Sunday, August 14, 2011

Putting the "ug" in August

I told myself that I wasn't going to post again until I had "good" news... not that things have been horrible, but this year has had its personal challenges for me. Well, since I don't see a fairy tale ending in sight anytime soon, I'll update you all who have been so good at checking my blog and pinging me on Facebook.

March 10 - I left my work family of over 6 years to take a job still within Boeing, still within the same organization, but a different role in a different location. Between the different work statement, different programs, and different people, it has been an uphill climb at best for me these last five months. All of my emotional energy is expended at work, and I have no motivation or concern for most other things. The learning curve has been more of a roller coaster, and I continue to hold on and try not to scream. ;-) It is getting better, but it's still a source of great stress for me. I was battling some emotional health issues before that, so it's been doubly hard.

July - Lucky me, I received my first ever Washington state jury summons. At least they had the courtesy to make it after my vacation. The fun part will be when I have to explain to them why I never updated my name on my voter registration so my name is no longer as it appears on the summons. Do they have wi-fi in jail? It's rather inconvenient, though, since I just got back from vacation and I'm going to be out of work another 1-5 days. I hate burdening other people with my work.

August 4-8 - Just to show that not everything in our lives sucks, Bill and I went to Minnesota for his family reunion for his mother's extended family. It was my second reunion, and I actually remembered a few people there that I had seen in 2008. However, I did manage to embarrass myself by calling someone the wrong name... I hope they don't think too poorly of Bill's choice in a wife. ;-) All of Bill's mother's five siblings made it, and 4 of Bill's 6 siblings were there, along with cousins galore.

August 5 - I got an email from our pettsitter during vacation that she found a flea on Milla. We figured out after a fashion that Bill probably brought the fleas from his rental house that he checked in on before he left for vacation. Fleas are a catastrophic deal for us because fleas LOVE to chew on my mother, so Bill, Milla, and I are quarantined for the foreseeable future from my mother. *sigh*

August 12 - I went to the doctor for a follow-up appointment after a mammogram that I had in July. No worries... I've been called back for all three mammos I've had. Then they wanted an ultrasound. Never had that before. Then I was informed that they wanted to biopsy a most likely benign tissue they had found. It looked fine to the doctor, but since it was new since last year, they wanted to check it out. Okay, I hate the idea of needle location and surgical biopsy, but I don't have cancer in all likelihood, so it's just an inconvenience and another couple of appointments and more days away from work where someone else has to cover my stuff again. I thought that was the worst news I was going to receive on Friday.

August 12 - About 1:30pm, as I'm running errands, I see that I had missed a call and voicemail from Bill. How I didn't hear my phone, I don't know. Bill had received a voicemail from his mother, telling him that his brother Steve (age 57) was dead. I could go on for pages about it, but some of the details are sketchy and may have to be retracted later, and you really don't want all the information or to read about all the thoughts, opinions, and feelings I've had in the last two days. The tentative date for Steve's funeral is August 27. I may stay behind and give Bill's parents the money I would have spent on airfare to help defray funeral expenses. Or, i may go with him and miss another day of work for travel. Please pray for comfort for Steve's parents, siblings, and children, and for strength for the family as they go through the logistics of taking care of business associated with Steve's death.

I hate to end on such a crappy note... maybe I'll have some good stories from jury duty next week that I can share and cheer us all up a little. ;-)


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