Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Retreat report and other things

Hi, all!

It’s been almost two weeks since retreat, and I haven’t posted an update yet. Mostly because I was waiting until I wasn’t so lazy about posting pictures. ;-) The pictures are now posted and can be found at my Picasa site and the individual links are in the paragraphs below.

There were a few bumps in the road (as happens when you have six women in close proximity) but overall the retreat was good. Here's a picture of our retreat space and my station.

I finished a purse that I had started a while ago but was waiting for machine embroidery on the outside pocket, which Mom and I got done with on Friday before we left. YAY!

I started and finished a quilt top for my couch time. The pattern ended up being a little different than I had planned, so it got longer until it was symmetrical top to bottom (I have a “thing” about balance). So it’s about 48”x88” (long and narrow) and will be great for being under on the couch. I’m contemplating doing some machine embroidery in the white spaces before I have it quilted.

I started and finished a purse from a new pattern I got - it’s a little more fussy than a similar purse I have a pattern for, but I really like how it turned out. I started cutting for another purse from the same pattern Sunday before we left, but didn’t get all the fabric cut and haven’t touched it since. I’m planning on finishing that at sew day on Saturday.

I bought another purse pattern (can you sense an addiction here?) last Saturday when Mom and I were out, and I’m hoping to try that soon, too. I have really nice fabric that I’m going to use, and hope that it all turns out since it will be the first time I’ve made the pattern. It’s not THAT much different than the ones I’ve been making, so I should be okay. I hope. Since I’m using my “good” fabric. ;-)

Last Saturday included trips to a Gee-Gee’s quilt shop, Shipwreck Beads, and a consignment shop. I dropped money all three places. ;-)

Since I got back from retreat I’ve been pretty much a tired slug. The week right after I was out almost every night of the week (including Sew Fun where I showed my retreat treasures at show and tell) and then this week I’ve just been a slug and not felt like doing anything. I can’t even get a few pictures uploaded, let alone work on anything fabric or bead related. I’m hoping our little sew day on Saturday will get me in the mood to do more sewing or beading or something besides being on the couch. I haven’t felt like I’ve been getting enough sleep, even though I’ve been working to get more sleep at night.

This weekend if our plans stay, Sunday I’m going to a paper arts festival with my friend Kelli. She has free passes, so why not? I usually don’t stamp or scrapbook unless I’m at a friend’s house for that purpose - I have too many distractions in my craft room. But it’ll be fun to see all the new trends and maybe pick up a few things for future projects. I’ve been working (slowly but surely) on an album of pictures of my late grandmother. The first few layouts I did were really good, and then the ones I’ve done recently have been less than impressive. It’s hard to scrap at someone else’s house because I don’t have all my stuff, yet I won’t do it when I’m at home. *sigh* I can’t win. ;-)

More news and pictures as they become available! Thanks for stopping by!