Wednesday, August 28, 2013


After walking two 5k walks, I found out via an MRI that I have a stress fracture in my right knee. This means no weight on my right leg for 6 weeks. Minimal weight is more like reality. What am I supposed to do, leap into the shower on one foot????

So I have a wheelchair to get around work (and other places) and crutches to get around home (stairs). It’s been hard, I’ve been cranky, but I’m working on being thankful for the health I do have and that I haven’t been told I need surgery. People at work have been really great at helping out and through that I’m accruing a debt I can’t repay. I’m humbled by the kindness I am shown by friends and strangers and the words “thank you” just don’t seem to be enough.

In the midst of my temporary inconvenience, we took a trip to Minnesota for Bill’s parents’ 65th wedding anniversary party. It was a wonderful time with family and friends, and they enjoyed it so much (as did all of us). We stayed a few extra days and took in a baseball game (my first time at Target Field - check another stadium off the list) and visited with the family. I am so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family.

You’d think with all the “down time” I have I would have been knitting up a storm, but that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been playing on my iPad more than anything. I’ve always been the sedentary sort, but knowing how much work it is to go out to the kitchen and get something on not being able to carry it back to the living room anyway is pretty demoralizing.  Crutches are an amazing amount of work even when I don’t keep my bad leg completely off the ground, and sorry, all, but my “big girl panties” are in the wash. So I sit. A lot. But the good news is that I can’t snack because I have a hard time carrying anything anywhere. I’d need a tote bag to carry the cheese puffs to the table.  More work than it’s worth.

I go to the specialist on September 6th and to the doctor who is treating me on the 23rd. In that space of time we’re going to the Washington State Fair (complete with a concert that night). That will be interesting.  Use the wheelchair during the day and get the crutches out to hit the nosebleed seats in the evening. Sure, the one time I go cheap and don’t get ground level seating….  ;-)

Through all this I’ve found most people very supportive and helpful. I have a lot to be thankful for. Including the fact that I’m lazy by nature. I have friends that would be nuts after three days. At least I still have what there ever was of my sanity. ;-)  

More news in September or so!