Monday, November 9, 2009

Great weekend!

Hi, all!!

Retreat report - it was great! :-) I think I was the only one there that wasn't from the three churches that participated, but everyone made me feel very welcome. I sat at a table with 7 great gals of varying ages, and even though we had to do small group discussions, I survived. ;-) It was a great time of learning and I took some notes that I hope to refer back to. Carolyn also sang some of her songs that had to do with the topics she spoke about, so when I hear those songs again, hopefully the lessons will pop into my mind as a reminder of what I heard.

Bill drive down and met me after the retreat and we went to dinner and then back to the church for a concert (where he also bought me some Christmas presents, hee hee). All in all a really good Saturday. The concert was especially nice because I went to a concert years ago where Carolyn opened and only did two songs. I was so disappointed!! This time not only did she play for over an hour, she took requests! :-)

Sunday Bill and I visited a church. Our "first choice" had an off-campus service, so we visited our second choice of the three on our list. We both liked it pretty well and a few people introduced themselves, including the pastor (which is always a plus). They were having a bake sale in the foyer so we bought dessert for later. ;-) Then we went to lunch and talked about the church and what we thought about it and a lot of other things, which was neat. Not that we never go out to eat or ever talk, but it just seemed especially good on Sunday. After we got home, Bill logged into work and I listed a few new things on Etsy and played with beads. I constructed one bracelet three times before I was happy with it, but finally got it done as well as one other (which went together with much less rework). Even though we had to get out of bed for church and we both "worked," it was still a nice kick-back day.

This week I have my three workouts, dinner with a couple friends, a free night (which will probably be spent with beads), and then this coming weekend Mom and I are going to a sewing and craft festival. I already know what (three or four) free seminars I want to attend... my brain is going to be full! :-)

I hope you all have a great week! Keep in touch, and thanks for reading!