Monday, August 23, 2010

You know it's been too long...

... when your mother tells you she's been looking at your blog and not seeing anything new. ;-)

Hi, Everyone! I've got lots to talk about since it's been a long while, but I'll try to break it up into bite-sized pieces for you.

The most exciting thing that's happened since I wrote last is vacation! We went back to Binghamton, NY at the beginning of August. We visited friends and family, saw the sights, and attended events. One of the events we attended was the SpiedieFest and Balloon Rally. We were right in the midst of the balloons when they launched, so we didn't miss too much. You can see a few of our pictures here. I bought a wire-wrapped pendant from a vendor there, and saw another vendor who I thought was cool. Visit Kathy at She does great things with recycled materials, and even her business cards are on recycled material. I saw a pair of Diet Coke earrings that I maybe should have bought. They were heart-shaped dangles and were really cool. I just wasn't sure I'd wear them. Seriously, though - check out her shop.

The main reason we went is because my friend of 17 years was having her wedding reception. They got married in June in a family ceremony, and had a reception in August for all their rowdy friends. ;-) It was great to meet Kim's husband and his two boys (we had private visit time earlier in the week). The reception was fun, the food was great, and it was wonderful to see people I hadn't seen since I moved to Seattle. Thanks, Kim and Don, for a great party, and congratulations!! Love ya!

Another visit that I have to mention was to long time friend Verna. We've known each other since elementary school and had never sat down and had an adult visit. It was great sharing about what our lives looked like these days and she was a very gracious hostess. Thanks, Verna!

We also had a visit with my brother and his wife of almost 3 years (whom we'd not met). We'd also not met their two-year-old daughter, my littlest niece. She kept us entertained on her hobby horse, in the pool, and out for ice cream.

Other activities included a visit with my aunt and uncle, my friends Dale and Mary, eating local food, a local art walk, going to a minor league baseball game, and going to calling hours / visitation for someone I used to go to church with. I was apprehensive about going because I knew I would run into people that I didn't want to run into. But, Thank you Lord, the whole thing was uneventful as far as that was concerned. I got to talk to the widow for a little while - we used to be good friends before I moved away. It was good to see her again - I just wish it had been under better circumstances.

Now that we're back home, we've been busy with work and other things. We just finished a book group at church, I'm back to my workout routine (kinda), and life is hectic once again. I have an event coming up - I have the opportunity to display and sell my jewelry for the month of September at the Curves where I work out. They have a "business member of the month" and it's made it around to my turn. I've known about this for many months - have I done anything to prepare? Not really. I've bought some displays, but I haven't made my poster or signage or anything. And there's a week left and I'm busy both days this weekend. Guess my nights are going to be pretty full for the next week. Tonight I'm going to put price tags on things and figure out my display, and hopefully figure out signage. Friday night maybe I'll work on the poster. I'm kind of writing off tomorrow since I'm working out, and I'm beyond exhausted and brain-fried by the time I work all day and then work out. Friday will be a better day (night). :-)

September promises to be busy for us - we've got something on the calendar every weekend already. How does that happen? Maybe October will be mellower - there are five weekends and no holidays (unless you count Halloween falling on a Sunday). I guess I'm going to have to get up the gumption to get things done on the weeknights in September. I usually save hobby things for the weekends, but that's not working for September - except for....

... QUILT RETREAT! Yes, it's that time again!! In two weeks I'll be madly trying to figure out what to work on in preparation for retreat. I have a project I want to do, but it involves machine embroidery and my embroidery has been behaving badly lately, so we'll see. I'm hoping to run a couple test projects Labor Day weekend and see how they go. Wish me luck! And that reminds me that I need to go buy embroidery thread. It's always something.

Well, I think that's all the news for now. I did this in two sittings, so I have no idea if I captured all I wanted to when I started. :-p Hope everyone is well - drop a note on my Facebook wall if you want to check in. I haven't had much time for Facebook since we got back from vacation, so I'm not up to date on how you all are doing.