Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Latest and Greatest

Between being busy and being sick (with some overlap, ugh), I haven’t had a chance to say hello lately. We’ll see how far I can get in this sitting.

First, I got nailed with allergies or a cold or something a couple weeks ago. I’m still hanging on to a cough, but at least I feel like my head is still attached to my body. I missed some work because I couldn’t think and felt icky. I’m glad it happened the week it did and not the week after because I have been busy at work this week. Truth be known, a couple of my partial work days were partial work days because I had stuff that I HAD to do and I can’t work from home. So, I went to work, did what I needed to, garnered some sympathy with my Talullah Bankhead voice and lung-shaking cough, and home I went. All in all, a good use of time in my opinion. :-) Also in the coughing and needing of rest I went to a Girl’s Night Out with Roxanne Carter. She hosts open sew time where quilters get together and work on whatever project we like, and she’s there for consultation and advice. Don’t have anything to work on? She’s working on a Block of the Month for a lap quilt. Bring some fabric and she’ll provide the directions! It was a little advanced for me and I have enough projects that are partially done. So what did I take? A new project! LOL! I’ve had some Robyn Pandolph fabric for a few years that I’ve been wanting to make something with, but I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t detract from the fabrics. So, I’m going with a variation of a Disappearing Nine Patch. The variation is that instead of keeping the block together and just rotating two parts of it, I’m mixing up all my little pieces. I have about 20 different fabrics from the same line and I want to spread them out a bit.

In other quilty news... remember that Washington State Round Robin Quilt that I contributed to (see QA Quilt Show)? Well... drum roll please.... it took FIRST PLACE in its category (Large - Duet/Group)! Wendy has a blue ribbon now!! Aren’t we cool?? LOL! I think no one was more surprised than her. She’s been having allergy head, so she wasn’t even going to go to the awards this week. Isn’t she glad she did?!? She thought the other quilt she entered (different category) had a fair chance, and when that didn’t win, she figured she was done. And then Roxanne Carter got an Honorable Mention in the Duet/Group category, so Wendy REALLY thought she had no chance! QA hasn’t posted pictures of the winning entries yet, but when they do, they’ll be around the QA site somewhere.

So I think the other news I have to share this time is that I’m going to be donating my lovely ~*~naturally curly hair~*~ to charity in the next month or so. I’m not doing enough with it to enjoy it, and even though short hair is higher maintenance because of the curls, it’s easier to wash and comb and doesn’t immobilize my head when my sweet husband puts his arm around me. :-) I finally have him convinced that short hair is okay. And it’s not like it won’t ever grow back. The only drawback is that when it’s been this long in the past, it’s never had the pretty curls it does now. I might have nightmare hair next time I go to grow it out! LOL!!! I’ve been playing with a put-a-hairstyle-on-your-photo website and may put some pictures up for voting once I get them narrowed down. Then I’ll get to see if anyone is actually reading this! ;-)

That’s all for now... thanks for stopping by!