Monday, March 17, 2008

QA Quilt Show and other inspirations

Saturday we went to the Quilters Anonymous quilt show for two reasons:
1. Because we could
2. Because my name was in the program
Having said that, I'm pretty happy with what II worked on a Round Robin quilt a couple years ago, and the owner got it quilted and bound and it was on display! WOO HOO!!! It was really cool to see it hanging - I'd only ever seen it completed laying on the floor. I did the orca scene, the vertical columns with the daffodils and tulips, and then the three clusters on the top (grapes, cherries and berries, lilacs). The theme was the natural beauty of Washington State. She even quilted the names of all 39 counties into the quilt!

There's a label on the back with a picture of the finished top and everyone who worked on it.

Everyone did an amazing job, and I really feel like I was the least talented of this group. Having said that, I'm actually pretty pleased with most of the work I did on this quilt - especially the orcas!!! ;-)

I also got some photos to keep for inspiration for other quilts, and stuff that was just darn cool. Like I need more "ideas." One thing I saw that I may do is a Log Cabin block with animal prints... I've got a bunch of animal prints that I've been trying to figure out a layout for for over 3 years!

I also have wanted to do a black and white, and though the one I saw there wasn't terribly inspiring (well done, but I'm not going to do a Trip Around the World), I did get an idea later that has already morphed into another idea. AND... there were a couple Convergence quilts there. I did a class on that about, oh, 4 years ago and still have the pieces. I didn't know what I was going to do for it because I was making a wall hanging for someone who is no longer in my life (and he picked out the fabrics). But maybe I'll finish it up and do some appliqué on it to mix the media a little bit. I'll have to look to see how far I got and what the fabrics looks like (since the only thing I've done with it in four years is move it twice).

So, again, more projects than motivation, but at least a couple of them are small so I don't feel like I have to finish this whole big thing. I got the embroidered blocks back from Mom Saturday, but haven't taken pictures yet. We've agreed on sashing color and style, so I'll be able to start that soon, too. YAY! There's a guild sew day this Saturday, and then I'm having a friend over to sew on Sunday the 30th, so I'll have at least those two days for people to keep me on task. :-)

Well, I think that's all the excitement for now. I have a sew day on Saturday, so I'll hopefully have something to report after that. :-)

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Patti said...

What a spectacular quilt! I'd say a masterpiece. The work looks exceptional, including yours.

One of these days I hope to get up to see the Quilters Anonymous show. I have a quilting friend in Monroe that I could see at the same time - I know she goes to the show. She's coming down here for a retreat at the end of the month.