Monday, May 5, 2008

This and that and a couple of pictures

Hi, all!!
Thanks again to all who voted on my new hairstyle... I go under the shears on May 23rd and we'll all be surprised by the outcome, I'm sure! :-)

In other news, on April 27th we took a tiptoe through the tulips in LaConnor, WA. I have some pictures, but Kelli has a lot :-) and I'm really chomping at the bit to see what she has. It only rained on us a little, and we had a lot of fun watching Kelli's son George romp in the mud. The close-up of the orange one is my favorite... at full size, you can even see waterdrops! :-)

Let's see.... what else is new? April 26th at sew Saturday I made three reusable grocery bags! Yay, me! :-) I was going to use some old sheets that were in the donate pile, but one my my fellow quilters had dropped off some fabric for us to consume as we saw fit, and some of it was food-themed and of a sufficient amount to work for the bags. How cool is that? So I still have more to make, but I've gotten started, anyway. Interesting thing... Bill took them to the grocery store yesterday, and the checker / bagger said that there's a bill going through King County that would charge customers 25 cents per bag to provide them with plastic bags at checkout. Ikea was the first I knew of to do this (a nickel a bag) and I've known other places that used to give a discount if you brought your own bags. That explains why so many stores recently have been selling reusable bags for $1 each... Too bad I don't have the fabric, skill, or motivation to make something worth selling. :-)

And, the most shocking news of the month.... I joined a vanpool. Okay, that's not terribly shocking until I tell you that the vanpool leaves the Park and Ride at 6:15am. Keeping in mind that my alarm used to go off at 6:30 and I crawled out of bed about 8am, this is quite the paradigm shift (without a clutch!). I barely slept the first night because I was so paranoid about missing the van and would everybody like me... almost as bad as the first day of school. So far I've been able to get up and out, and the "missing the van" anxiety dreams are subsiding.

I think that's all the news for now...


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