Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another update to tell you why I'm not updating :-)

Hi, all!!
I haven't been updating, mostly because all the "interesting" material has been nothing but drama, and I want to toss up a happy post once in a while. You know, "if you can't say something nice..."

I went to a quilting retreat a couple weeks ago, and I'll tell you about that soon and what I've been working on (YES! WORKING ON!!!! LOL) since then. Other news is that the in-laws are coming to visit in October (YAY), so that will be fun. :-)

Okay, there are the teasers. Back at you later, hopefully in less than a month's time. ;-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bout time you got back here .. how could you find it with all the dust :P~~~

you know i was just thinking about you earlier today too!!