Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Walking and other things

Hi, All!!

A lot has happened since my last update, but it can all be summed up pretty succinctly. But that’s just not my style.  ;-)

I have started walking and training to walk 5ks. Why? I have no idea. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I completed my first official 5k walk on July 20, bettering my time of the practice 5k in my neighborhood by 2 minutes. I have another walk this Saturday, and then a few more I’ve signed up for and a couple others that I plan to sign up for.  This hasn’t been a walk in the park, however. I thought my asthma would be the worst thing I had to deal with, but I’ve been getting inflammation in my left foot. Long story short, I was prescribed antibiotics and a special shoe. Now I still have swelling (but not as much pain, thankfully) and now my right knee hurts, probably because I don’t have any shoes the same height as the medical shoe, so I’ve been compensating. I hope this stuff goes away soon. It’s getting old and interfering with my training plan. Enough whining. ;-) Bill has been a great help and encouragement to me, walking with me and telling me I can get up those stupid hills in our neighborhood even though I don’t think I can. I need about 300 yards for my asthma to recover from a hill, and I don’t always get that in my neighborhood. The second time I went up one of the hills and had to stop, I decided that hill had won and I started going around the other direction. Unfortunately, there’s a hill that’s almost as steep going the other direction. I haven’t had to stop on that one, though, so I guess I made the right decision.

More on my first 5k completion - It was the Refuse to Abuse 5k to benefit the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and it took place at Safeco Field (where the Seattle Mariners play). The route took us around the inside and outside of the stadium, plus a couple laps in the parking garage.  There were ramps in lieu of stairs, and I only had trouble with the first ramp and then the adrenaline kicked in.  There was also a marching band playing at the top of the parking garage, so that had me pumped, too. We didn’t finish last (that was my fear) and as I said, I bested my time from my practice 5k in the neighborhood. There’s a lot to be said for walking on even pavement.  Everyone got a finishers medal, so I have a great souvenir. Plus a few pictures on my phone and a neon green shirt that almost fits. ;-) This weekend Bill and I are walking a 5k for the Boeing Employees’ Community Fund.  It’s our first morning walk, and we have to leave home at 6:30am. Ugh. My legs don’t wake up until 10am. Should be interesting.

In other news, my stepfather David has gone through his six post-surgery bladder cancer treatments. Now we wait and he gets scoped on a regular basis to keep an eye out for cancer coming back. He’s in good health and spirits. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Milla continues to do well. We did a radioactive iodine treatment about a month ago for her hyperthyroidism and her blood work came back last week within the normal range. She’s as fluffy and feisty as ever - you’d never know all she’s been through this year.  

I guess that’s about all the news for now. Thanks for reading, and “talk” to you soon!


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