Monday, June 23, 2008

107th time the charm!!

After losing 106 auctions for Mario Kart (with the assistance of eBay's Bid Assistant), I managed to attach my name to one on Friday night! I could hardly believe it when I saw that! I WON! I WON! I'm a WINNER!!!! ;-)

Believe it or not, I was a picky bidder - I didn't bid on every one I saw, and my search didn't even pull up all that were out there. I didn't even get to bid on everything I saved into the Bid Assistant since if the price was higher than my max bid when it came up, it got skipped. I kept on trying even after 100 losses over 9 days because Bid Assistant made it pretty passive for the most part, plus there were a lot of the games out there and some weren't even too far away from my max bid. The supply was going up and the price was inching down, and persistence paid off. I didn't want to pay more than I would if I'd bought it in the store around here, so I had a definite ceiling. Sure, it inched up a little, but with the help of a 10% off coupon from eBay, I kept the price to less than it would have been for retail plus sales tax.

So now, are you ready for THIS? Mario Kart arrived on MONDAY!!! From Illinois to Washington over the weekend. I was really excited because many of the "free shipping" auctions were media mail (2-10 days), but this one was going to be sent Priority. I thought it might get here Tuesday or Wednesday, but wasn't expecting MONDAY! WOO HOOO!!! So I got home from a jewelry class last night and did some racing (when I should have been going to bed). :-) I HAD to test it out so I could post feedback on eBay about the seller, right? ;-)

There's the big news of the day / week / month... and now I anticipate I'll be blogging even less than I was. I learned another new beading technique last night, I have a new Wii game (like pinball wasn't addictive enough), and we won't even talk about all the various crafting tools and consumables sitting in my craft room. And, icing on the summertime cake, minor league baseball has started and I have partial season tickets. GO FROGS!!! :-)


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