Thursday, December 11, 2008

Short update on Karen

Hi, all! Thanks so much for your prayers for my friend Karen (see previous posts - I'm too lazy to link them all). I got an email from her this week that she's up and around and her live-in help has gone home. Here's her email:

"Quick update: I'm doing really well. Had my first followup appointment this week. Everything is healing well, no problems. Pain level is much less than I expected it to be. I'm walking every day. Getting around well. [Names removed] moved back home yesterday and is going to come every day to do the stuff I can't (whatever requires bending, lifting and twisting). Biggest issue... determining how to minimize weight gain from all the good food my friends are bringing! I'll be starting Physical Therapy in January and should be able to start driving again by the end of this month."

She also included "before and after" pictures of her since her surgery... boy does she look great!

I'm sure she'd appreciate prayers for her physical therapy starting in January, as well as just general healing to go well.

Thanks agsin for your prayers!!


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