Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rose gardens and spinning yarns

Well, we’re decorated, shopping has started... welcome to the holiday season!

Sorry about the radio silence. We’ve been working on our Christmas letter and I’ve been busy at work and at home. Errands, this night out, weekends with my parents... the next couple of weekends are a little less busy, but work is ramping up to be even more busy, at least for a week or so. I usually make my posts from work at lunchtime or other break time, so busy at work means no blog in the immediate future unless I have something I’m just DYING to tell all four of you.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with my parents - we went to a community dinner (they had done that several times in NY). Mom may not like that I say this, but I don’t know that I’d do it again. There were a lot of people there that needed the free meal more than we did, and they didn’t even take donations for those of us and willing to make one. The food was great, the entertainment and hospitality was outstanding, but I just felt badly looking around at people who really couldn’t afford a whole traditional thanksgiving dinner, and then looked at us who just didn’t want to cook (mostly Mom). She suggested the same deal for Christmas, and I put the nix on that really fast. First, we have Christmas china we’ve never used (we got it after Christmas last year) and I wanted to make a home-cooked holiday meal and we haven’t done so since Easter. We have three people out of four who are capable of cooking and cleaning (some more willing than others) and I want to have Christmas dinner at home. So she ended up being okay with that and even offered to make sweet potatoes (since she knows I won’t) and green bean casserole (which neither of us has ever made). Bill and I are in charge of ham and stuffing and potatoes and gravy. Canned gravy. LOL! I can never get gravy to come out right, and we’re going to get a pre-cooked ham anyway, so I’m not sure we’d have enough drippings anyway. So now you’ve heard about a holiday that’s passed and one that hasn’t even happened yet. :-)

I’ve been working on the rose quilt and trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back together from what the Milla-meister knocked down. I’ve gotten 3 or 4 rows done at the bottom and 3 rows at the top... or almost done - I had to unsew so I have to sew the right block on, and I’m really wondering where the other block came from that I put there first. That’s a real mystery and I have myself concerned. It doesn’t help that there are some blocks that I have to assemble as I go along and then sew them into rows, either. Since most of my problem is in the middle to lower section (the ones that are 13-15 blocks long), I thought that if I started in opposite corners and work toward the middle, then I’d be able to decipher what’s left and make sense of it. We’ll see how well logic prevails in this case. I had a map at one point of how many rows there were of how many blocks, but every time I tried to count, I got goofed up. So I’m just going forward and que sera sera.

I’m trying to figure out if I should start a knitting or crocheting project to do here and there when it’s not time-practical to sew (maybe even to do at work at my lunch break). I’m much better at crocheting, but knitting consumes SO much less fiber. I’d love to make a shawl and I got one at Ross that would be so easy to copy... it’s two lengths that are stitched up the middle in the back. Hey, I could do that! How much yarn do I need? I don’t know. Do I want to knit or crochet? I don’t know. I do know that I can’t knit with needles as small as were used for this shawl (that was probably not even knitted by hand anyway), and I can’t get my edges to not curl if I knit/purl and I don’t want to knit knit and have those ridgies (and the whole “blocking” thing eludes me). I’m so picky. Anyway. I’ll have to find some black yarn and see what damage I can do. Or maybe I should try one in a fiber I already have. I don’t need a shawl in any of the colors I have, though. That makes it tough. :-p Can you believe I don’t have any black yarn? I wear black 2-3 times a week, and I don’t have black yarn. I have variegated blue and variegated green, but no black. I also have a nice cream, but that’s the color of the shawl I bought, so that doesn’t make any sense. I’m rambling again, aren’t I? A little bit more. The other project I had in mind was a crocheted cloche or a bucket hat. I lost my great pattern from a few years ago and I found another one online but don’t like it as much. I could try to copy the one I made that I like, but I wouldn’t remember how to make the brim. The rest of it is pretty easy. I’m also not a bit working-to-gauge fan, which is probably why I don’t make anything but scarves. :-p

Okay, I’ll plod away now. Enjoy your week, and “talk” to you later!


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