Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving weekend and a near miss

Hi, all!

We went down to Puyallup Saturday to help my parents out with the residual items they needed moved, plus a little settling in. We made two trips in the morning, and decided about 2pm (after lunch) to take a break for a couple hours. Are we ever glad we did! We found out in Sunday's paper that there was a high-speed chase with a fatality (the one being chased was shot) while we were all comfy at the new house. This happened on the exact route that we were taking between the two houses (6 miles apart). Here's the news story. It was done with and cleaned up by the time we went by for another trip between houses. Scary stuff. Lord, thank you for keeping us out of that situation!

The most exciting thing that happened to us was a few claps of thunder (with one lightning strike so close I could hear the buzz of the electricity) and some rain. It managed to pour while we were inside and no more than drizzle when we were loading and unloading the cars. As of Saturday about 7pm, we had all the stuff out of the old house except for cleaning supplies, and when Bill and I left Sunday afternoon the kitchen was at about 75% settled, the master bedroom closet was in pretty good shape, and Mom and David had beat us badly at a game of Hand and Foot. :-) It was a nice balance of work and play - Mom and David were ready for some down time since they've been packing the car and carrying loads to the new house all week, and the big stuff was moved on Friday. Mom was really pleased with the movers she had on Friday, so that's greatness!

The new house is a few years newer than the one they moved out of, in a 55+ community, and yardwork is included in the rental price. YAY! They really like the new house (even though there are a few things that aren't as convenient, like the kitchen is a little smaller and there's no hall coat closet - it was converted to a much-needed linen closet). It's VERY nice and is begging to be decorated! :-) It's one of those houses with lots of interesting angles and lines and walls that don't quite make it to the ceilings, if you know what I mean. Mom and I will tackle the decorating one of these days, once the garage gets cleaned out to the point that we can see what decor stuff she has. Right now most of her sewing stuff and a lot of David's office-type stuff is in the garage - that's going to be the fun part for them to get settled. But the nice thing is everything is at the new house (including cable and internet) so if they're looking for it, it's there somewhere. :-) I wanted to help Mom get her sewing room in order, but she's still scheming about how it's going to get set up. She gets two rooms now, so one will have the machines and a couple other things, and then the stash will live in the other bedroom. David has a loft for his area, and I'm sure he'll love it up there.

So that was our weekend, and this week we're all back to normal. Three days at the gym, errands on Tuesday and downtime on Thursday. YAY! Downtime! :-D It's been a while since I've had a down evening that I haven't been feeling so tired that I thought I'd gotten hit by a truck. I hope I feel up to doing some things around the house or some hobby stuff. I've just been so tired - probably the weather. Yeah, we'll blame the weather. ;-)

Thanks for reading, and blessings to you all!

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