Monday, November 24, 2008


Amazing things happen when you sit down at your computer for a couple hours and examine the content of photo CDs... I found pictures I’ve been looking for for months!! Two of them are baby quilts I made in 2003 (see February 22, 2008 post). Others were pictures of me for a scrapbook I’m doing of me throughout the years. It hasn’t been updated since 2001, so I had a few pictures to find. Good thing I only usually use one page per year. So I got the CDs reviewed yesterday, plus a little work on my rose quilt on my design board and some yardwork since it was a nice day. So, I’m a little sore today. But I got to play with a hedge trimmer and a bow saw, so my day was pretty fun. :-p Saturday was errand day... nothing too exciting about that except that I did manage to get out of the house. If you have a Billy McHale's near you, I highly recommend the Reese's shake. If you like Reese's PB cups, you won't be disappointed.

I’ve been bugged for a while about this pirate quilt I’m doing... oddly enough I had a dream about it last night that someone made a quilt with the same panel and it was in a totally different direction than I’ve been heading. Food for thought.... but I played aroud with it tonight and I'm still ready to chuck it out the window. I either need more fabric or more creativity, and I can't justify putting much more money into fabric for this than I already have. :-(

Milla kitty struck again... my bottom blocks on my design wall were all discombobulated when I went down today. I sewed a few rows to try to get the bottom in rows so she can't do much more damage, but I only got two done before I totally confused myself and gave up. I think it's time for comfort food and elevating my aching foot. This heel issue is getting old. Over the weekend it was feeling better, but today not so much. Ugh. I hate to leave you on a complaining note, but I must. My brain is mush. :-p


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