Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly Update

Hi, all!
My updates haven't been weekly lately by design... it just seems to turn out that way. ;-)

Last Monday I had my monthly weigh and measure and I'd lost another 2.5 pounds. Because of a variety of factors that I'd rather not subject you to, I knew that wasn't as much of a loss as it should have been, so I weighed myself again on Friday (31 days from the last weigh) and I'd lost an additional 2.5 pounds. So officially I've lost 9.5 pounds since Feb 17, and unofficially I've lost 12. Of course I like my number better. ;-) They keep track, but I'm not committing total inches to mind, just whether I've lost anything off key measurements (which I have a little, so that's good).

I've also been itching for something available at home to do on non-Curves days to keep me off the couch for 10-15 minutes, so we're getting an eliptical-ish thing (just the foot part - no handles - can you see me on this? LOL) and I got some dumbells for toning. I've used the dumbells already. On Sunday, Bill and I went for a jog. Mostly Bill, but a little me, too. :-) My legs gave out before my lungs did, just as the terrain started going uphill. It's been a while since I have been reminded that I have muscles in my shins, but Sunday was one of those days. ;-)

Also Sunday we went to dinner with a couple friends of ours - we don't see them nearly enough and they don't get away from their two boys for the night nearly enough, so it was a good combination. :-) We visited for about 3 hours, talking about just about anything and everything.

This weekend I tried to do something creative, but it just wasn't coming to me. I haven't played with my jewelry stuff in a long time and I miss it, but the projects I had in mind aren't stimulating me, and all the "fun" stuff I thought of before is gone. I got really discouraged when I was replacing a couple earwires and a brand new 14KGF ear wire broke on me. That was the end of the pursuit for Saturday. Sunday I went through my bead and project boxes, and nothing jumped out at me. I thought about making another badge lanyard for work, but that wasn't thrilling me, either. So I played online a little and got a little more done on my crocheted sweater. It seems to be going a lot slower, even though the piece I'm on is smaller than the last, so you would think it would go faster. That's what I get for thinking. ;-)

This week isn't going to be terribly chaotic - I've got a dinner date with a Facebook friend penciled in for Thursday, workouts M-W-F, and then a free night on Tuesday (YAY). We're supposed to get together with my parents over the weekend, but I don't know whether it will be here or there or what we'll be doing - stay tuned.

I guess that's about the news for now. Hope everyone is well and doing more exciting things than I am. ;-)


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Anonymous said...

badge lanyards??? you got any purple or blue in there???


sounds like you have a busy week and one that you will continue to forge ahead .. great job Kristin