Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quilt retreat, here I come (almost)!

Hi, all!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, so I thought I’d drop a line to say hi and fill everyone in on the latest (which isn’t much).

On the weight loss front, I’ve worked out at Curves 3 times a week for 11 weeks now, and have lost 15 pounds (unofficially - I get weighed and measured next week). We’ll see if it’s still 15 pounds after this weekend. Weekends are hard for me anyway. I shouldn’t say it that way. Let me say it this way: weekdays are easy for me because I have the same things for breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day, so I know what I’m eating and I’m not tempted (much) throughout the day (though I did have a dream about doughnuts recently...). On weekends, my meals aren’t at regular times, they aren’t always at home, and I just get all discombobulated with my eating and don’t feel the same control. I still try to not eat like a piggy, but it’s just not as easy as it is during the week when I know when and what my meals are.

I’m also trying to give up Diet Coke, which is another whole issue in itself. Now I have to figure out how to stay awake until 2am this weekend working on my sewing projects! LOL! I guess I’ll have to pack some tea and a cup.

This weekend is going to be particularly interesting because it’s the weekend of my long-awaited quilters’ retreat! We get meals served to us, but quilters love chocolate and I’m sure there will be some available between meals. I’m taking pretzels and a friend of mine is taking nuts, so at least there will be a couple “better” choices. I’ll also take a few things that are better alternatives than a candy bar in case I get hungry or get the munchies. Now if I can deal okay with mealtimes, I should be fine. In theory. I just never know what food I’m going to grab when I’m frustrated with my project and need a break. Maybe there’s a place I can take a walk to without getting lost (assuming it’s not raining, which there’s a chance of this weekend). I’m not too stressed about it, but I am aware that I’m going to be in a situation that could make my weight loss not as much as it could be. ;-)

But enough about the food and more about the retreat. I have a quilt top that I really want to finish up this weekend, so that’s my goal. I have a couple other things with me in case I get done or get to a point where I can’t proceed any longer (need fabric, have to rip the whole thing apart, etc). I have so many projects in work that it was hard to pick just a couple, yet so few that are portable (or that I am willing to have under scrutiny in a group environment). The second thing I’m going to work on if I get the rose quilt done is a project that my friend Kelli and I have been passing back and forth (kind of like a round robin, but with two people). I’ve known for about a year what I’m going to do to her block next, have even bought the fabric, but just never got around to doing anything with it. That’s #2 on the list. #3 is a toss-up between my block on the project we were passing back and forth, and edging some eyelet lace yardage with some fancy-schmancy machine stitch. I’ll probably do something with the lace yardage first (it’s going to be a bedskirt eventually), but I’ll probably get brain lock trying to decide what stitch to use and whether to roll a hem or just trim the excess. Heck, I’ll get brain-lock no matter what project I tackle, so I don’t know what the difference is. ;-)

Not much else is new here.... those are the highlights, and I know it’s none too exciting for you all. But there’s something to be said for stability. ;-)

Have a great weekend, and I’ll try to remember to post next week and let you know how much (or not) I got done at retreat!



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