Monday, April 13, 2009

Pre-Easter week

Happy Easter Monday, one and all! :-)

The week before was really busy for me... getting my three workouts in plus the social activities... my workouts ended up spilling into Saturday since I had things going on Monday and Wednesday and Friday. Monday we went to a buffet dinner and opening day watch-the-game deal hosted by the minor league team I have partial season tickets with. Lost money at that casino, too. ;-) The dinner was good, the game (on the 12-foot screen) was great, and it was a fun time out and a nice way to start baseball season. Now we’re chomping at the bit for live baseball, but the Aquasox don’t start until late June. :-(

Wednesday night I had my monthly Sew Fun meeting. It’s a little seminar type thing that’s put on by a local sewing and vacuum chain. They show new products, new techniques and patterns, and they have a show-and-tell time for the people who attend. If you’re a member of the Sew Fun club (which I am for the first time this year), you get a free gift each month as well. Fun stuff! I went to a different night than I normally do, and it was quite a difference in attendance. It’s usually packed when I go, and this time there were maybe only a few dozen people. It worked out well, because I got to win my first door prize ever, and it’s actually something I wanted - sewing machine needles! YAY! They also demonstrated something I’m trying to decide if I want - it’s a small table that sits next to your machine that is a gliding table to help you with free motion quilting with your regular machine. I have my main machine in a table, but it would be great for the machine that I don’t have in a table, and for “one the road” at retreats or sew days (if I’m going to be somewhere that I know I’ll have the room). I just don’t know if I’ll get the $$ out of it. Yes, I have three quilts right now that are ready to quilt (and more to come - I’d go broke sending them all out), but would it make me more likely to get them done? Good question. If I’m out somewhere, for sure. But since I have my main machine flush in the table anyway, I’m questioning whether I feel like it’s a good purchase. I played with it a little bit and it nice, but I’d rather see it with a sample that’s closer to a quilt size than a placemat size. ;-)

Friday night Bill and I went to a Good Friday service. It was really nice - I hadn’t been to one in a long time. I liked the sobriety of it - but I’m one of those focus people who doesn’t really care to chit-chat with people at church, at least during service time anyway. I’m there to worship and learn, and that’s what I’m focused on (unless my ADD gets the better of me, then I’m looking at the pretty quilted banners or staring at the organ pipes). I had my eyes closed the whole time (except when we had responses we were supposed to do). It’s hard to describe, but since the congregation didn’t sing and the readings and music had continuity, it was easy to kind of empty one’s self and just listen and imagine the events as we heard them unfold. We weren’t “interrupted” by the temptation to follow the readings in the bulletin as we are on Sunday mornings. We weren’t distracted by trying to find page numbers in the hymnal. It was really nice.

We had a nice Easter weekend... Saturday my parents came up and we hit the outlet stores and a casino that they hadn’t been to before (Bill won $2 - the rest of us lost various amounts). We found some good bargains at the outlets, though. I’ll spare you the list since I don’t know of a person out there that would find it exciting to know what clothes we bought. :-p Sunday Bill and I went to church (with a breakfast at the church before the service) and then came home. The four of us played cards before, during, and after dinner preparations. I didn’t take a picture of the table like we did last year... I guess the second Easter dinner with the good china isn’t photo-worthy. We joked later that we should have taken pictures so we remembered what we had and what we would do differently (like make less mashed potatoes). All in all, a good weekend and a good Easter.

This week is going to be a little less hectic, thank goodness. Tuesday night I don’t have to work out and we don’t have any social plans, so I’m going home straight after work, getting into comfy clothes, and doing whatever I want to! :-) It may be nothing, it may be sewing or crocheting. Speaking of crocheting, I got the back of my sweater done this week and I’m a couple rows along on the left front of the sweater.

I guess that’s all I have for now... hope you all are doing well!



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