Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weight Loss News and Goals

Hi, all!

I wanted to wait to update because I knew I was going to do my monthly weigh and measure this week. It was supposed to be Monday but the gal who usually does mine wasn’t in (out sick) so I was chomping at the bit since the scale when I took my weight had good news. I wanted that officially in my file. Then I was paranoid that I was going to weight more "for the record" than I had earlier in the week. And to have a good weight on Monday was something else, since weekends I tend not to be as structured and disciplined with my eating, and I don’t work out on the weekends. So yesterday I went in and she was with a new member, so I have to wait until Friday. Since I won’t be able to post this weekend, I’m just going to go with my unofficial weigh-in from last night, and if I gain a half pound or pound by Friday, I just won’t tell you. ;-)

I’ve officially lost a total of 23 pounds since I started at Curves in February, and that’s about 25% of what I want to lose overall. Sounds great, huh? Consistent loss and I’ll be at my goal weight by next Christmas (but how often is our weight loss consistent?). Unfortunately, the loss is also only 10% of my total body weight, so no one is noticing. Not even me. Okay, having my size 18 pants fall off me is noticeable, I’ll grant you that. I’ve bought some 16s and 14s (depending on the fit) over the last couple of weeks, and it’s kind of fun buying pants in the misses’ area of the store and not the womens’ area for the first time in a few years. It’ll be a while before I can do all my shopping on the misses’, but we’ve got a start. Okay, and Bill says he notices (I think he’s humoring me) and one of my friends said I’m easier to hug now. ;-)

Last Sunday I had an experience that made me pretty pleased with myself. I was having dinner with a great couple of gal friends of mine, and I discovered that at Denny’s they have an option of dippable veggies to go with your sandwich instead of fries for no extra charge. And I chose the veggies over the fries! Can you believe it? (I can’t!) I’ve started counting my calories and macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein) to the best of my ability, and carbs are SO HARD to avoid. It was nice that there was another option besides the fries to cut down on the carbs (and fat). If I hadn’t had a weigh-in on Monday, would I have still ordered the veggies? I hope so, but maybe not. ;-) I typically save about half the day’s calories for dinner, and eat about the same thing every day at work for breakfast and lunch, so that seems to work well... it’s the weekends that usually put me in a tailspin. I’ve just started counting weekend calories and such (I’ve been counting at work for a couple weeks now), and that’s been an eye-opener. Especially for breakfasts since cereal and toast / bagels / etc are so high in carbs. Save some carbs for the fat-free frozen yogurt! ;-)

A real eye-opener has been walking around at work and seeing how much free food is usually available. One day I passed up cake, cookies, and doughnuts, all in the same day! Usually I would have had at least two out of the three. It’s been astounding to see how much more I was eating before I made a conscious decision not to eat whatever was there just because I could. No wonder I’ve been gaining weight! (Though wouldn’t you think since I’m NOT eating all of that now that the weight should be coming off faster???)

I’ve also over the last few days started tracking my water consumption and getting my eight glasses of WATER a day. (Those are in caps because I’m a tea-drinker, and I have to get in the habit of making sure I still get all my water.) By lunchtime Monday I had consumed the equivalent to 6 glasses. It’s easier to do at work - at home and out and about it’s harder because I get distracted. At the gym I usually drink about 2-3 glasses worth, so that’s an easy one. Someone told me she heard of a gal that lost 100 pounds by drinking a gallon of water a day. One gallon a day. That’s 16 8-oz glasses a day, or eight of my water bottles (varies from 16oz to 20oz). We surmised that the loss probably came from the incessant trips to the bathroom. :-p

My Weight Loss goals:

205.5 pounds (25% of total loss goal) - ACHIEVED!

199 pounds (to be able to say that I’m under 200 pounds)

188 pounds (shift from "obese" to "overweight" on the BMI (Body Mass Index) charts)

183 pounds (50% of total loss goal)

160.5 pounds (75% of total loss goal)

158 pounds (shift from "overweight" to "normal weight" on the BMI (Body Mass Index) charts)

138 pounds (goal weight, 90 pounds lost)

My goal weight may end up changing, depending on how my body is feeling and looking when I get close. My "ideal" range is pretty wide (about 120 to 155 pounds) so I’ll need to listen to my body and see where it thinks my ideal weight is. I was 135 when I was in my mid-20’s... not sure that’s happening again, but you never know. ;-) I also have a goal where my waist is noticeably smaller than my hips. I’m not sure when that’s going to happen. My hips are probably at about 43" now (based on weight loss and weigh and measure history), and at 115 pounds they were at 35". So they’re going to be tapering off in loss here in not too long I’m guessing. My waist has plenty to lose, and I hope it does so quickly. I’ve seen too many middle-aged women with the shape I have now (even those that I work out with), and I hope I’m not doomed to this body shape (and associated wardrobe problems) for the rest of my life. I did read this week that fat come off last in the first place the body puts it. I think that’s my waist. Bummer.

On the non-weight front, my parents are coming up this weekend. Saturday morning we’re going to a quilt shop (by special appointment) and then doing what-not for the rest of the day. Sunday will be brunch, and then Bill and I are going to see Fiddler on the Roof. I’ve never seen it (not even the movie) so I’m pretty excited. The following weekend we’re going to Silver Reef Casino Hotel and Spa again. My stepfather has an event up near there that he wants to go to Saturday, so we’re going to spend Saturday night up there. I haven’t decided if I need another pedicure or not. After the last one, I just am going to have a hard time going back to the Vietnamese nail places that are on every corner. :-\ They tend to rip my feet apart when I go (they generally get out the trusty cheese slicer and attack my callouses - yes, I know, TMI), and it was nice to have someone not trim my cuticles so close that they bled. I’m spoiled now. ;-)

Now that you have far more information than you ever wanted or needed.....



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