Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's new in my zoo

Hi, all!

This blog post also serves as an experiment to see if my posts will feed onto Facebook. If you’re on Facebook and tempted to read, do so at your own risk (or if you’re having trouble sleeping). I don’t have that much excitement in my life. But that’s not an entirely bad thing. SOme kinds of excitement we can all do without. ;-)

Well, here I am, lunchtime at work after a self-proclaimed mental health day off yesterday. It was a good thing I had decided to take the day off, too - I didn’t go to bed until 1:30am. Bill and I had walked to our local bar for dinner Tuesday night, and their iced tea was really strong (someone had made it wrong). I was WIRED! After we got done there, we walked to the grocery store to pick up a couple things, and then walked back home. After Bill went to bed, I was playing games on the computer and doing nothing productive until 1am. I wasn’t even tired when I went to bed, but I didn’t want to pull an all-nighter, either. Life isn’t very exciting at 3am when you’re trying not to wake up someone who has to work in the morning (sucker!).

Wednesday morning I woke up when Bill got up for work, but had no trouble getting back to sleep. 8am rolled around and there was a cuddly kitty next to me, so I stayed in bed until about 8:30 and then started my day. I went to work out, and met the new manager of the club (she seems really nice) and so I talked to her for a few minutes (must have been the residual caffeine - I’m usually not that much of a chatter). When I got home, I played with my dumbbells a little and had the need to shower but not the energy. ;-) So I played on the computer for a bit and threw in a load of laundry. After the laundry was done in the washer, it was my turn to get washed.

Clean and refreshed, it was time to make some banana bread. Now I need to tell you that I honestly cannot remember the last time I had baked anything. I know it hasn’t been in the last 20 months. But, hey, that’s what recipes are for! I used to LOVE baking, and the bug bit me again. Too bad I’m concentrating on eating healthier (as are several people at work). I could see myself baking again sometime soon. Anyway, I tried out two banana bread recipes I found online that used part wheat flour and used applesauce instead of oil. One of them came out denser than the other, but they were both edible. ;-) The “winner” was good, but still was a little different than the bread I’m used to making. More banana might have helped. I had some in the freezer and some fresh, and I split that quantity between the two batches and don’t know how much I really had. Next time we’ll do more banana! (More cowbell! Never mind - inside joke. Laugh if you get it, though.) While the bread was baking, I was watching a video I got from the library that was due back today, and rescuing the laundry mentioned in paragraph three. I was so busy running between the computer, kitchen, and living room that I almost forgot to eat lunch. I know, what idiot forgets to eat lunch? But I didn’t forget altogether, so lunch happened in there somewhere during baking and video. All in all it was a good day off, and I want another one! PLEEZE?

Of all the things I did yesterday, one thing I didn’t have time to do was sew. I don’t know that I had the desire, either. Maybe some night during the next week or so. I missed my Girls Night Out sew night for June, so I didn’t have that time to work on my project, so I have to make up for it here somewhere. Speaking of sewing, last Saturday Mom and I went to an internet fabric store with a couple of our friends. Mom almost fell over! Shelves and shelves of fabric on two floors of a barn! I didn’t buy nearly as much as I wanted to but managed to find a few things. I stuck to my list pretty well, but Mom “made” me buy some panda fabric I didn’t have. ;-) She also bought a half yard of a fabric that looks fabulous with the panda fabrics I bought, but I didn’t notice it until we were home playing show and tell. So I’ll have to head to the website and get some of that once I decide how much I think I will need of a fabric that I have no idea how or when I’m going to use it. :-p I’m such a nut.

In other news, I’ve had a couple people mention recently that they’ve noticed I’ve lost weight, so that’s been nice. My weigh-in last Friday had me at 203 pounds (YAY!) for a 25 ound loss so far (YAY!) and by my August weigh-in I hope to be under 200 pounds. I know I was under 200 pounds in 2005, but I don’t know at what point I went above because I stopped weighing myself after I stopped working out back then. Main reason I didn’t weight myself? I didn’t have a battery for the scale to replace the battery that died because the scale used to be the cat’s favorite perch in the bathroom. :-p The scale is now in the hall closet and we go get it if we’re curious. I usually just weigh myself at the gym so the time of day, clothing, and scale are all consistent. I didn’t weigh yesterday since it was a different time of day, so I’ll probably weigh Friday and see if I’m making any progress this week. Monday I was still at the 203, but we’re not surprised because it was only 3 days from the last time I weighed and because I didn’t eat as well (or as little) as I could have over the weekend because we went to a brunch buffet on Sunday. Though I did pass up the pizza Saturday night because I wasn’t hungry, and we only had one other meal on Sunday night after going to the theatre. Baby steps. Oh, yeah, the theatre! We went to see Fiddler on the Roof. I had never seen it before, and I really enjoyed it (even if I did cry in public - something I hate doing). :-)

This weekend we’re headed north to Bellingham because there’s a tool tent sale that my stepfather wants to go to, so we’re going to spend Saturday night at a hotel casino. We’re also planning on stopping to shop on the way up and / or back since there are outlet malls and shopping malls along the way. AND, as if that weren’t all enough.... there are three other casinos on the way there, so we’re going to hit 4 casinos in 2 days (previous record is 3). We’ll probably hit two on the way back, so if you count the one where we stay, that will be three casinos in one day (which we have done before - a few weekends ago when we went north for Memorial Day weekend). Yep. We’re crazy.

I think that’s about all the news from here. Still awake? ;-)



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