Saturday, March 28, 2009

Next project - Dutchman's Puzzle

Hi, all!
I just wanted to show you the quilt that inspired the next quilt I'm going to start. I'll probably do the borders a bit differently, but I have a little while to think about that. I'm not a huge flying geese fan, but I really liked the scrappy look of this. According to the program, it's a friendship quilt by Deb Taylor that she did with a friend, swapping blocks over the years. I like how she used the border print for the sashing squares to tie it all together... so I'll have to decide on a border print before I sash the blocks (yeah, like I have to worry about that in the next six months).

Today after lunch I think I'm going to either work on the rose quilt (unsewing) or do the last two scrapbook pages for the layouts of our engagement pictures. Or maybe I'll do nothing. ;-) A nap sounds pretty good for a rainy Saturday afternoon. :-)


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