Monday, May 4, 2009

Retreat Report

Hi, All!

Well, I’m back from retreat! I had a good and productive time, and I’m disappointed that I have things going on for the next 8 days and nights so I can’t finish the little bit of some of the projects that I couldn’t complete at retreat. Sorry about the picture quality (cell phone camera)... but you’ll get the idea.

FINISHED: A quilt that my friend Kelli and I were passing back and forth (mine). I gave this one straight to someone to quilt so it would be DONE and be a nice lap quilt for naps in the living room.

AS DONE AS IT GETS FOR NOW: Edging 9 yards of eyelet lace for dust ruffles in the spare bedroom. The other edge will get hemmed once I’ve cut the fabric for the dust ruffle. Whenever that’s going to be.

I REALLY THOUGHT I PACKED THAT: My rose quilt is done except for the borders. I brought the pink border fabric, but the blue border fabric was nowhere to be found in my stuff. I have to look around for that.

THE BEST LAID PLANS: A quilt block that Kelli and I were passing back and forth (hers). One more thing I need to do to it but Mom has the tool I need. Can’t talk any more about it here since she is one of my 5 readers. ;-)

I HATE PIECING BINDING: I quilted the Christmas table runner that I finished at a Girls’ Night Out a couple months ago. I was going to fold the backing over to the front and sew to bind it, but as I was trimming the batting (which I should have done before I quilted, but I wasn’t that smart), I cut the would-be binding. So I tried to piece binding and I couldn’t get it to come out right, and I can only rip so many times because it was on the bias. I was totally frustrated and didn’t get a picture. Sorry.

The company and the food were good, I was productive, and here’s a picture of my retreat space.

Are you jealous? ;-)

This Thursday is Girls’ Night Out so I’ll be working on my Dutchman’s Puzzle flying geese again, since I can do that in a small space (and that’s all we’ll have). I’m kind of wishing that I had the room to play with the rose quilt borders, but even when there were only a few of us there, there really wasn’t the room for that. So, that will have to wait for another time (probably May 16 at the earliest, looking at my schedule).

Sunday on the way home from retreat I stopped at a craft / fabric store, and managed to avoid purchasing yards and yards of the fabric I saw that was so darn cool! I’ve found it online in another colorway that I like even better, but I have no idea what I would do with it (so no idea how much I would need), so I guess that’s that. Nothing purple in the house, so no purple quilts for me. And it’s not as if I don’t have other sets of fabrics that I couldn’t live without that I need to do something with. I need ideas. Actually what I really need is to finish other things I’ve already started. *sigh* But I did manage to use the coupon that we were given at retreat on some jewelry making tools - heaven forbid I should waste a coupon. So I now have a jump ring maker and flush cutters for cutting said jump rings, and a do-hickey that twists wire. I’ll have to try them out one of these days. I’m on a mission to complete a project I started that I have to keep buying supplies for because I underestimate the length of the links.... or maybe I should just chain it up and call it good. I guess I can always try the chain instead of more jump rings and make sure I hate it before I buy another $14 in jump rings.

I guess that’s it for now... hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week ahead (and hopefully less busy than mine)!




Leonard Family said...

WOW You GO girl! Sounds like you had a great time and got lots done!! What a great view you had too! I am glad to see you doing things for you! Man girl you sure do keep yourself busy all the time! I don't think I could keep up. Miss you!


krippee said...

Didn't turn out half bad. . .