Monday, May 18, 2009

Trip Report

Hi, all!

We had a beautiful drive to Portland... we saw 4 mountains during the trip, and the weather could not have been better! And we got to buy fabric! Here's what I remember that I ended up with:
5 yards - borders and binding for Dutchman's Puzzle quilt.
3.5 yards - fabric for wall hanging. I found a nice sunflower design that I think will work well.
6 yards - marbles for Grandmother's Puzzle quilt to coordinate with the border and backing fabric I found on sale last week that I had to buy the whole bolt of.
8 yards - backing fabric for something - hopefully Dutchman's Puzzle quilt, but I'll have to piece something else with it. Bargain of the day - $2.50/yd!
I stuck to my list, so that's a good thing! :-) The backing wasn't on the paper list, but it was on the mental list. No impulse purchases, not even the panda fabric! I think my Mom thinks I'm not feeling well. ;-)

Last night I got the last of the borders put on my rose quilt, so as soon as I determine if I have enough backing fabric, I can hand that off to get longarm quilted. I plan on measuring that tonight and washing it if there's enough. If there's not? Off to the fabric store. I can't remember how much I bought, but I don't think I knew that this quilt was going to be as long as it ended up being. We shall see.

Next project on the list will be prepping for my next Girls' Night Out (June 4) and if I get that done, then I'll start on the wall hanging. It's going to be one 20" block plus borders, and I know exactly where it's going to go (and that's about all the width that's there). I have to finish Kelli's block, too, and I need to bring that to the top of the pile to work on for when I see her again. I also need a color thread I don't have. Oh, I'd better make a list. ;-)

Yesterday Bill and I went to pick up our partial-season tickets for the Everett Aquasox baseball team (minor league). Their season doesn't start until late June, but we have our tickets! YAY! Can't wait! We also are starting to make our plans for our trip to Minnesota in August. Summer is coming! We had the top down on the convertible and I got a funky sunburn. I usually remember sunscreen on my face, but rarely anywhere else. Dummy.

This weekend I realized that I'm outgrowing my clothes... they're all stretching in the wash or something. :-p All of my scooters (shorts with a wrap part that looks like a skirt) are too big, so I'll have to wear belts when I can and hope I find more that fit. Shorts ride up on me (I know, TMI) so it's either the scooters or capri pants, and one of those pairs are too big I learned this morning. So that means my hips are smaller this summer than they were last summer. That's good news, I guess, except that I have to buy new pants / shorts / whatever that I can only wear one season. I hope I find a good sale. The capri pants I'm wearing right now I wore in the summer of 2007, and they're a smidge big. Hopefully I can find a few basic pieces that I can wear with several tops. I'm going shopping tomorrow after work - wish me luck! I hate clothes shopping, and I hate paying anything near retail for clothes, so that's not a successful combination most of the time.

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