Monday, October 6, 2008

Don’t even say “but it’s a good kind of hurt”...

...or I’ll show you what hurt is! ;-)

So Thursday I sewed for 3 hours, Saturday I sewed for about 6 hours. Sunday I got the bright idea to break down boxes in the garage from our move, wedding gifts, and things we’ve purchased. Several of them were already broken down (thank goodness), but it was still quite a bit of work. The outcome of that effort is a corner of the garage with donate stuff, a 4’x8’ space of broken down boxes to offer on Freecycle (plus four boxes of packing material), three boxes of Styrofoam for the garbage (I HATE THAT), a box of stuff plus some bundled cardboard for the recycle bin over the next couple of cycles. AND you can see more of the floor in the garage than not, and that’s been a long time coming. Unfortunately, I now feel stiff and tired, and I think I’m trying to come down with something as my face is hot and the rest of me is cold. :-p

In other news, in preparation for Bill’s parents’ arrival, I’ve been told I need to clear the pool table since Bill’s dad likes to play pool. Can I just gather the blocks and chuck them in the craft room?? Of course not! ;-) I’m putting as many as I can on the design wall, and finding out that I need to plan a little better. I counted the blocks (I’m sure there’s a formula for figuring out blocks on point quantity, but I don’t know it, so I did it the old-fashioned way), decided how many of the “pretty” blocks I have, and have a plan. My design also took a turn, inspired but another pattern I saw. I can’t lay it out exactly like that design, but it does help with the focus. I’ll still have some blocks to put together and to take apart and put together another way, but I know I’ll be much happier with the layout once I’m done. :-) So that’s one of my projects for the week.

I showed Bill my 1/4 compass that I did Thursday night (with a LOT of help) - he was impressed. Now I just have to get on that track, but I should have time in the evenings next week since Bill’s parents will be staying with other relatives during the week. I’ve written down what I can remember on how to do the technique... we’ll see how much I remember when I go to do it by myself. ;-) And the ideas are coming together for that quilt... it's been nice to "think out loud" with Bill since the quilt is for his brother and he has a vested interest. :-)

I guess that’s it for now... I really just wanted someone to whine to about my achin’ bacon. :-p


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