Saturday, October 18, 2008

News, Notes, and Pictures

Hi, all!!!

Well, Bill got a call back from the company he had interviewed with before, and they had him email his resume and they said they'd give a call early next week. Of course we're trying to not get our hopes up, but it looks pretty promising So we're praying if it's God's will, that's where Bill will end up. It'll be a longer commute (and he won't be able to ride his bike), but he can take the bus. But that's okay... we couldn't afford to sell the house or to buy something down that way anyway (I'd be closer to work, too). We're just starting to get the house we're in decorated and I am so not packing everything up again! LOL!!

Speaking of decorating, here are pictures of the master bedroom.

And here are some of one wall of the family room.... part of my sports memorabilia collection. It's changed even since these pictures as I've gotten a few more things out and rearranged a bit. But you'll get the idea. ;-)

In in-law news, DMIL spent a lot of the morning catching up with the kids since we have unlimited long distance on our landline, and Bill's brother called back, so I think all of Bill's siblings are all caught up on a lot of the family news. We found out that Bill's sister got laid off recently, too... that makes 4 of 8 of them that are unemployed at the moment. Cheryl wasn't even allowed to clean out her own desk. Weird stuff. Bill's got the best chance I think because he's in the technology field, plus he's the youngest (even though he's 50). Kathy is going to back to school to get certified for child care (she and Cheryl both I think were in accounting - you'd think you could find a job anywhere with that, but apparently not).

Guess what! I actually COOKED breakfast this morning! WOW! That's big for me! Not that it was anything elaborate - eggs and toast and Bill made the bacon in the microwave with our new bacon rack (that we actually bought to bake potatoes, but that's another whole story). Just the fact that I cooked is pretty darn impressive, and moreso when I cook for someone other than Bill.

They're all off antiquing now... I wasn't interested in going because I spent an hour in the thrift store yesterday trying to find $24 of stuff I wanted (If you are in a thrift store and you decide not to try things on because you know you're going to be in the same neighborhood the next day and can take things back if they don't fit... CHECK THE RETURN POLICY!)

Monday we're going to the Museum of Flight, and Tuesday my parents are coming up to visit and we'll all go to dinner. Not sure about Sunday and Wednesday except probably church tomorrow and a bit of packing Wednesday (since that's the day they leave).

I think that's it for now... keep praying - it'll probably help and it sure won't hurt! LOL!


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Leonard Family said...

YEAH! It's so fun to see pictures of your house! You're doing a great job girl! I'll keep prayin for Bill. You COOKED? WOW you go girl! Sounds like you're having a great visit! Love ya!