Friday, October 17, 2008

Short Update

Just a follow-up on Bill's job situation (or no-job situation, as it may be)...

He's got a couple promising places to send his resume (including one place he's interviewed previously that seemed to like him), so we'll see.

The advantage he has is that he's only been at the job for 2-1/2 years, so he's not too out of practice doing research, writing a resume, or interviewing. He said this morning that he's got about a dozen places in mind to scatter his resume, so at least stuff will be out there.

Prayers still appreciated, of course.

Nice news: I'm picking up Bill's parents tonight after work, and then we have them for 5 days before they go back. And my DMIL will be spending her 80th birthday on the train on the way back. Kind of a bummer, but hopefully this time she won't have to get off the train because she fainted. ;-)

Also, today is our 11 month wedding anniversary. ;-) Bill wished me a "happy 11th anniversary" this morning. My sweet little goofball. ;-)


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