Friday, October 10, 2008

Looky Here! Pictures!!! :-)

Hi, All!!

The spare room is decorated, complete with a new comforter (I tried to get out of it a little cheaper with a duvet cover, but don’t EVEN ask me about that). At least this way I have pillows and a matching sham, too. I hope to have my quilt done by spring / summer to put on the bed. Anyway, here are a few pics. They’re a little blurry and dark, but there’s one that’s closer to the true colors (flash is always so sketchy on whether it will improve things or not). Hopefully you’ll get an idea, anyway. :-)

I’ll also post pics of our bedroom when I get my side cleaned up. ;-) It’s not as “crisp” as the spare room because we actually use our bedroom so it’s hard to keep items we deem necessary out of sight.

In other news, my in-laws got delayed on their train trip out here. Bill’s mother had a fainting spell on the train and they got off in Fargo to the medical center there. All the tests came out fine and the bump on her head is going down. Her knee is a little sore, but other that that, she seems to be pretty good. Bill talked to her last night and she seemed in good spirits, so that’s a good sign. The medical center wanted to keep her for observation until today, so they’ll be catching the [early] morning train tomorrow and be here on Sunday morning. In the meantime, we get to call the train station and tell them what to do with their luggage as it will arrive today. :-p I was supposed to take today off work to pick up the folks and spend the day with them, but now I’m going to take off work the last three days they’re here (Oct 20-22) since they’ll be with Bill’s mother’s aunt all next week. Friday’s also a hard day for me to take off, so even though I’m concerned about my MIL, I don’t have a problem working today.

I think that’s it for now...



Leonard Family said...

YEAH! The spare room is beautiful! Great job decorating!!! I was so excited to see pictures on your blog! Yahoooooooooooooo!!


Diane said...

Looks SOOO inviting!! Great job, really. I'm also very glad to hear that your DMIL will be ok after her fainting - kinda scary but it's all good afterall. Whew!