Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday update

Hi, all!

I've been playing on (fluff)friends on Facebook more than anything else lately, and I managed to earn a couple decor items through the racing part of the application. Let me rephrase that. I managed to earn a couple COVETED items (shells - they look like turtle shells). I had to challenge for 1000 races and had to earn 1500 race points within 30 days. The latter is easy - it's the former that's harder because it only lets you race 20 times an hour. But it gave me a good excuse to play with my new laptop. ;-) There are four more shells to earn, and none of them easy. we're up to 15000 points now for two of them, and a third one is only 1000 points, but you can only win a MAXIMUM of 35% of your challenges. In other words, you have to lose a lot of races. The one I don't think I'll ever earn requires you to have a certain number of points (1000 maybe) but you have to win a minimum of 90% of my challenges. I don't think I'm going to end up with that one anytime soon. I'm already winding down my winning percentage in preparation for the 35% max by racing people a lot faster than I am... and I still beat them sometimes! It's not fair! LOL! I can't win when I want to win, I can't lose when I want to lose. Such is life. When I'm not (fluff)ing, I'm enjoying catching up with friends (old and new) on Facebook. There are a lot of applications and such to distract you from "real" updates, but it's nice to see my friends posting what's new in a sentence or two.

I had my weigh and measure at Curves this week - I've lost 7 pounds for the month. I've also lost a little in inches here and there, and my BMI has improved. Kudos to Bill for shoving vegetables down my throat and to me for not eating an entire box of Girl Scout cookies in one sitting. ;-) My workouts have been up and down, but it's nice to see them doing something. But I still look and feel overweight. I guess that's to be expected when one has 70+ more pounds to lose. ;-) My clothes haven't really started fitting differently yet except for pants (which have been low riders for months now). I found a couple pairs that should get me through a few more pounds and might even be wearable if I ever find my waist again (but maybe not).

This weekend my parents are coming up for the weekend and we're heading tomorrow to a local quilt show where my friend Wendy has a quilt displayed. It was a great show when we went last year, and I'm sure it will be nothing less this year. Crud, I have to remember to charge my camera. ;-) Another thing we're hoping to do is Skype with my brother and his family on my new laptop :-) and his new webcam. He's not a computer whiz, so we'll see how he makes out. It shouldn't be too hard on him - I'm not a computer whiz, either, and I figured out how to install the webcam I bought to use with my old computer. So he should do fine. :-)

Oh, and I did get the fabric washed and have the love quilt block started. It's a 16-patch and I just have to put all the pieces together (after I cut all the dog-ears of my half-square triangles). I was going to do that this week, but I ended up going to the gym TWTh instead of MWF, so my week was all thrown off. I'm also still not at the point where I feel like I have more energy. The workouts wear me out, and on off-days I don't feel much better, either. But I have a week or so before I have to have the block done, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I think those are the highlights... Have a great weekend!


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