Friday, March 6, 2009


Hi, all!

We have that four-letter-word in our forecast again. Don't get me wrong - snow is lovely - but I don't live in Minnesota for a reason. No one here (myself included) knows how to drive in snow, it always falls when I have plans, and I'm just ready for the spring, even if it means rain (and it does). Okay, done complaining. I don't mind the snow as much as most people - I just needed a catchy title more than anything else.

I've had nine workouts now, and I'm still alive. I've lost about four pounds, but I expect that to plateau soon as my body gets used to working out and used to eating baby carrots instead of pretzels at lunch. The cookie jar doesn't even know who I am anymore. I'm expecting any day to go into a huge regression and just start to binge, but I haven't quite hit that phase yet. ;-)

I had a sew day with a couple friends last weekend and got some work done on my rose quilt... enough to see that I must not have laid out my blocks as well as I thought since I've got two rows that are two blocks short. DOH! And, of course, I have no more of the fabric that I need and no way to get it, so I have to rob Peter to pay Paul as it were, which means ripping apart two rows from the nice triangles I sewed last weekend. I also have to rip a block out of two rows that I haven't sewn to anything yet. I know what I'm going to replace them with, but I don't have those put together yet. So that's a project for some night that I'm not working out or that I'm not knocked flat on my backside from working out. I missed my Girls' Night Out last night because I was out every night this week and ran errands and had doctor appointments all day Wednesday instead of going to work. It was nice to get so much done, but it sure made for a long day! of the 16 hours I was awake on Wednesday, I was home for about 3 of them (and not all at the same stretch).

That's the news from here. Pretty exciting, huh?


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Leonard Family said...

I hear you..I am DONE with this SNOW too! Spring Please come SOON! I am so proud of you for sticking with your work outs and congrats on the weight loss. I'll pray it will continue to go well. HUGZ!