Monday, March 23, 2009

Stuck Again. :-(

Hi, all!
We had a good family weekend... took in a quilt show on Saturday and saw a scrappy Dutchman's Puzzle quilt that inspired me. It would be a good project for Girls Night Out since my rose quilt needs to be spread out while I attack and divide and try to conquer. More on that in a bit. But the weekend with my parents was nice - brunch, quilt show, card playing, and two Skype calls with my brother (one of them with my 9-month-old niece as well). Mom is shopping for a webcam now, The same woman who didn't want to even think about a "video conference" with my brother when he brought it up was so impressed and excited that she wants a webcam. :-) That was my first time using Skype, so it's nice to know it works. My camera software doesn't have fun effects, though, so it's pretty much all business. Oh, well - we can't have everything. ;-)

So during "quiet time" I tried to make some headway on my rose quilt. I don't know how or why, but I have one block that the pieces just WILL NOT go together and make the size block I need! Completely obstinate! I tore apart a bunch more stuff (actually the same block at least twice plus some others for the right color components) and I really didn't get anywhere at all. :-( That was disappointment number one.

Then after Mom adn David left Sunday, I put away all the rubber stamps I've had out for weeks without labels. The labels I made didn't work, but at least the stamps are sorted and put away by category (for the most part) and now I just need to figure out what to do with the stamps that I don't think I want to keep. I'll find a box around the house somewhere (I just might have to take it away from a kitty cat I know).

After I got that done, I took another stab at the pirate quilt. I had started some cutting that I didn't know what it was for, so I started playing with that and heading in the direction I thought I had been going, and then I realized that if that was the direction I was going, the measurements are going to be off. Ugh. Disappointment number two. Now I'm either going to have to just get in a mood where I don't care what it looks like, give up, or figure out a way to use what I have and have it not look stupid. I'm just feeling really uncreative and I'm again at one of those moods where I'm ready to throw all my craft stuff out the window and write it off as a loss. :-p

I wish I had something more happy and upbeat to report... maybe next time. :-) I guess I'm just in a mood because all around things are disappointing and saddening me, and I need to just put my head on straight and get a better attitude. Easier said than done.


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gquilts said...

Now Kristin .. you should have taken pics of where you're at, what you did and so maybe we can help you where to go :D so get snapping GF and let us help ;)

hugs it'll get better hun