Friday, November 14, 2008

Curses!! Foiled again!! and other updates

Just when I was getting so I didn’t care if my points were even close to matching on the compass blocks and I could call them done... they don’t square up! I was suspecting this might happen since I could either make the circle part match up or the center, but not both. I can’t get a 1/4” out of any side and have everything else cooperate. Soooooooooooooooooo.............. as I see it, I have two options. One is to not use them in this project and set them aside for something else. The other is to trim around the compasses and appliqué onto another piece. I figure by trimming, I’m not trying to stitch through the seams. Every once in a while I think ahead. ;-) I don’t relish the thought of satin stitching around these four circles - it’s going to slow me way down - but that’s life. I must have been in a good mood last night again because I didn’t want to chuck out all my sewing stuff. I guess I’m finally giving myself some slack that this stuff is not easy and I shouldn’t pretend that it is and that I should get it down in the first four blocks. Or the meds are working. ;-) I’m a little slow on the uptake and very impatient, so I should know that things aren’t going to come out perfect the first (or fourth) attempt.

I spent part of my morning installing (and troubleshooting) software to get my work calendar to write to my phone. I keep pretty much everything in that calendar, so it will be nice to have that handyso when I go to make appointments, I know if I have the time free or not (I gave up trying to cram my Palm Pilot into my purse a while ago). I can also make my own ringtones and transfer pictures with this software, but not from work. ;-) I have a program on my home computer that lets me slice and dice songs and create sound clips or cut out parts of songs (I used it EXTENSIVELY for our wedding music last year to meet time requirements on songs I HAD to have in the wedding), so that will be cool to make other music into ringtones. :-)

Bill continues to like his job, even though he’s now been to two meetings back to back and the bus dumped everyone off at the middle of the line and were told that was the end of the line and they all had to get off. WHAT? Same bus route he’s taken all week. I think the driver was just being a poo-head. ;-)

My friend Karen is in surgery as I write this (see 11/103 post)... she went into the OR about 7:45am PST, and is expected to be in there almost 8-1/2 hours. I won’t still be at work when she gets out and won’t have computer access for most of the weekend, so it’s a bummer that I won’t know anything concrete until Sunday night or Monday when I can check my email (her brother is sending updates). Continued prayers appreciated.

Tonight before Bill gets home I get to sew my two tablecloths together. YAY! If I get that done and he’s still not home, I might try to take the tack nails out of the wall so I can put up my new design wall. WOO HOO! Have pushpins, will travel.

More next week... we have a busy weekend with my parents, but probably not anything exciting enough to blog about, so I’ll have to find a few less boring things to chatter on about on Monday or Tuesday (good luck with that).


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