Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Hi, all!

Yesterday (the 17th) was our one-year wedding anniversary. We made it! And we still like each other! LOL! We went out to dinner at Outback Steak House (where we went on our first date, but not the same location) and had a nice relaxing evening of talking and just being together. Just for the record, Outback is one of two places (that I’ve found so far) where I will eat steak. It’s got to melt in my mouth, or I’m going for the chicken. ;-)

Over the weekend, Mom and I went to the sewing and craft whatever I called it in my last post. I bought a couple patterns and Mom got some embroidery do-hickey thing. She and I went to 4 free seminars (three of which we went to the same ones) and got lots of creative ideas that we may or may not ever use. ;-) I took notes, and hopefully I’ll remember where they are when I want them. ;-) Mom also bought me a Christmas - Birthday - Christmas - Birthday present - a portable design wall!! It’s not as big as tablecloths tacked to my wall, but I can collapse it and / or transport it, the duct tape won’t dry out and lose its sticky, and I don’t have to use a stepstool to access the top 3 rows. Pretty good deal! :-) Bill and I put it together Sunday night and I’ve even put stuff on it. Sunday I went to a stamp / scrapbook club (I got 4 pages almost done which is four more pages than I’ve done this entire year). I didn’t get home until after 7:30, so that didn’t give me much time to get myself set up at the sewing machine and do something productive before bedtime. Last night was the anniversary dinner :-) and then tonight I have errands to run, dinner, and then the evening is almost over but I could still probably get some seams ripped out before bedtime. At least that will be something. Tomorrow I should be able to get sewing. Not that I know how I’m going to approach my compass issue, but I have one last ditch effort in mind before I either do them over (smaller, and still paper piecing) or use a totally different block that’s a ship (traditional piecing, and I’ve made the block before for placemats for Bill).

Bill continues to enjoy his job, even starting the second week. ;-) The bus seems to be working out well for him. It may take a little longer in some cases, but not all. Plus he doesn’t have the stress of driving, either, so that’s worth a lot.

I haven’t talked about my job much. Now that the machinist are back to work, the work is starting to come in to us in bigger bunches, so I’ll have to remember soon how to handle high gear (the rumor is the next couple days, hee hee) and things have been pretty steady here for a while. The vanpool that I’ve been taking since May is still working out great, even if I do have to get up at 5:00am. Just don’t expect a whole lot of conversation from me at that hour, that’s all. ;-)

That’s about all I have, except for an update on my friend Karen’s surgery from her brother:

“Physically Karen is doing fine. She has had periods of being very confused and combative. It has been concerning. The hospitalist, neurologist, psychiatrist, orthopedic surgeon, and her primary care physician have seen her. They are not sure what the problem is. They have given her some medication to make her sleep and are hoping that while she sleeps her brain will 'reboot'. We'll see tomorrow.”

I can tell he’s concerned because this is the fifth status email and all the other ones had an underlying sense of humor, and this one seems pretty straight. :-( Please keep praying.


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Raggedy Lamb said...

That's RIGHT! Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I thought to myself, "Self, it's Kristin and Bill's 1st anniversary on the 17th, isn't .... wasn't it?

Belated Happy Anniversary. And may the good Lord grant you many more. ;-)