Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday News

Hi, All!

I haven’t had a chance to update because work has been nutso the past couple of days. Not even time to breathe (except to sigh occasionally). I thought that I was going to have to go hide so I could even eat my lunch.

I got an email from Bill today that he got to work and noticed his cell phone was not on his belt. He was hoping that it was home. Found out later, nope. Background: My husband (as wonderful as he is) is the man who dropped his phone off his belt once or twice riding his bike home from work before he decided that it was a good idea to keep it in his briefcase when traveling. Well, now that he rides the bus and walks, the phone is safe from dropping, right? WRONG! He dropped it this morning about a block from where he got off the bus. THANKFULLY Bill decided to give me his new work number this morning (since I couldn’t call his cell because he didn’t have it) because I got a call from someone who found the phone and was looking for its owner. YAY!!! There are decent human beings in the world! This guy called me, I gave him Bill’s work number, and now Bill has his phone and all is well again. AND Bill has finally decided that briefcase travel with a cell phone if a good thing. *sigh*

On to my gift quilt saga... I haven’t done anything but rip one of the 4 blocks apart into quarters, and I don’t know that I can deal with trying to rework them. I may just move on and KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Or I may give up for a while. I’ll probably decide this weekend when I take a look at the panel and consider my options. I’ve done all that quilting and stuff - it’s a shame to let it sit for another year. I even thought about putting a quarter of the compass in each corner, but then it would look like flowers, I think. ;-) Not very manly for a pirate quilt.

In good quilt news, I’ve been using my new portable design wall and my rose quilt (the one that’s for my spare bedroom for spring / summer) is finally taking shape and I think I’m almost ready to start sewing things together. I have a few blocks I need to sew up (after a little bit of unsewing), and a few things I might rearrange (hopefully that doesn’t involve unsewing - but it’s easier than unsewing those compass blocks). Pretty soon I’ll be able to start the rows. The blocks are on point, so I’ll have to find that website again that did a really good job telling people how to figure out the size required for setting triangles. I can do the rows before that, though, and put them up on the board and see if they cam out as I expected. Then I’ll just need to do the setting triangles before I sew the rows together. We’ll see how the weekend goes to see how much I get done. I might just be on the couch taking naps and eating comfort food. ;-) Nah... Bill won’t let that happen. He’ll at the least drag me out to church. ;-)

My friend Karen’s surgery update: She is doing MUCH better now and will probably go home this weekend. She's been walking around and can get herself in and out of bed, and yesterday apparently she looked in the mirror and saw how much taller she was. What a thrill that must have been!! Thanks for praying, and thanks for continuing to pray as she recovers at home. She’s got a great network of friends and family to stay with her and other church friends will be making dinners and things.

Have a great weekend, and “see” you next week when I answer the question... was she a sloth all weekend or was she productive? You’ll have to wait to find out! ;-)


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