Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting Closer...

A lot of my weekend (okay, not a LOT, but a good 8 hours between two days) was spent in my sewing room (and I actually sewed some of that time, hee hee). I got the main panel quilted

and I got one compass block completely done. Not perfect, but DONE!

The remaining three compass blocks have all their sections pieced and just need to be sewn together. I should be able to do that this week, and then I’ll be able to move on to more straightforward things. YAY! One humorous (?) note... in the month between the time I did the first block (with a lot of help) and the second block (with a lot less help), I ended up getting the red and orange reversed. DOH! So I ended up making two of each and I'll put them kiddy-corner from each other. No one but me might have noticed they were different, but unless it was the LAST block and it came out backwards, I cannot and will not in good conscience leave one odd little block hanging by himself. There's enough wrong with the quilt already. ;-) And this might even look "cool" (at least that's what Bill is telling me, hee hee).

I have a free weekend the 22nd and 23rd, so hopefully I can make some good headway during that time. I have a goal (or is it a pipe dream) to get the quilt done by Girls Night Out on December 4. Though I’ll be terribly embarrassed to show it to anyone (particularly Roxanne Carter), but I need to show it to someone. Or not. Bill’s seeing it, and I’ll be posting it here. And since no professional quilters and pattern designers read my blog, I feel a little “safer” here. :-) Then the quandry will be what to work on at December's GNO. I'd like to do something that's mostly sewing as it's hard to share one mat and one iron with 3-4 others. I don't share well. ;-) I also cen't make it a big project because space is limited. I'll have to think about it the next couple of weeks and see what I come up with. Maybe by then I'll have some things pinned together on my rose quilt (from stuff I ripped out or haven't sewn together yet because the project took on a life of its own). Which segues ever so nicely into my next topic...

I had a display wall disaster this weekend... I lost a ton of work when the pieces duct taped together decided to separate. :-( The only thing we can think of is that the heat dried out the duct tape and it lost its sticky. So, I need to either sew the pieces together where the duct tape is / was, or find a LARGE vinyl-backed tablecloth (and this would probably be the time to do it, and I don’t really care if it’s got turkeys or leaves on it anyway, right? I thought I saw a 90” square at one point while I was rummaging through tablecloths at Ross at some point, but I could be wrong. It’s worth a shot, anyway. And if I have to stitch, I have to stitch. Maybe I should have done that in the first place, but who thought that duct tape would fail? Or, the answer could be... MORE DUCT TAPE! LOL! Either way, I’ve got a mess of blocks on my hands (and on my floor) and I have to pretty much start all over on my arranging. Good thing I won’t need that quilt until spring, but it will take me at least that long to get it put together and send it out for quilting (I really don’t think I want to try this on my own, and the gal that I take my quilting to has a nice rose pattern that I think will work well.

I’ve also been itchy to work on other WIPs I have (probably so I can procrastinate on the project at hand) but I’ve been really good at keeping focused. I think it will be easier now that the more tedious and mentally taxing part is [nearly] done. Maybe I’ll have time to whip some quilting on the Christmas quilt that I’ve had the top done on since 2003 and basted since 2006. Yeah, good luck with that.

I finally remembered to bring some jewelry stuff to work on at lunchtime at work today. I used to do that all the time, but because I’m been doing more sewing than jewelry and I don’t have any projects really planned out or in progress, it’s been a little harder to know what to bring. I brought an earring kit I bought on sale, and a necklace that I have to rework the clasp. It usually takes me about three times wearing something before I get it adjusted the way I really want it.

Bill starts his new job today... his orientation is at 10am, so he’s on a bus as I write this on the way to Seattle. YAY!!! We’re not sure what’s going to happen after orientation (maybe he’ll get to go home and still get paid for 8 hours - HA!) but I know I’ll get the whole breakdown tonight. No more slacking off at home for him! LOL! It will be my turn at the end of December when I get the time between Christmas and New Years off, and he doesn’t. Then I’ll get to be the slacker. ;-) It would be nice to finish up some projects (sewing and scrapbooking, but maybe I’ll just sit around and play with the Wii all day every day. ;-)

Speaking of scrapbooking, I’m going to a craft day this weekend, so I had to find at least enough of my stuff to be able to call them “basic” supplies. I have four boxes still full of stuff that I’m not sure what it is, but I know most of it used to live in my desk (which I’ve now populated with other things). The boxes are conveniently stored under my desk (which means I can’t get my legs underneath there to do anything) and my cutting mat is on the desk... at least I’m using the space. ;-) I’m sure I have some good supplies and embellishments in those boxes, or maybe not - I know there’s one box of pretty much junk in there. There is some stuff that was good enough to not get rid of, but I don’t have anyone to whom I can offload the scrap stuff I don’t want, so that means I have to hang onto it a little longer. I need to find someone who scraps and doesn’t have money (and is grateful for anything they get). But, I’m not on any scrapbooking groups anymore, so that might not help much. If I ever get it organized, I can probably offer it on Freecycle. Yeah. I think that’s what I’ll do. People are often looking for things they can give their kids to play with that don’t cost much.

Okay, that’s it for my rambling today... thanks for tuning in. :-) Hope all is well in your corner of the world.


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Anonymous said...

oh boy - you posted this with a vengeance ..

hmmm - great job on the quilt - and i'm sure no one will notice that the 'mistake' as you call it .. i prefer to call them design twists :D

WOOO HOOOO to bill!!! i hope his first day is a GREAT one! I'd be surprised if he was home early - doing the HR thing, going over his duties, company policies, seeing his desk / cube / office mates .. it'll be a full day :)

and i wouldn't worry about your quilting - who cares what 'professionals' think - it's YOUR quilt!