Monday, November 3, 2008

The latest sleep-inducer (aka another post from me) :-)

Hi, all!!

Bill went down on Monday to turn in his pre-work paperwork. YAY! He rode the bus to get the lay of the land, and he says he’s really going to enjoy working downtown. He’s wanted for a while to work in a downtown environment, so this is going to be really fun for him... until the rain and wind hits. ;-) I’m sure he’ll miss being able to ride his bike to work, but he can always ride when he gets home or on the weekend. It won’t be as strenuous as the ride home he had, so I’ll have to tell him he can’t come home unless he’s been up at least one huge grade (he had three).

I think I’ve figured out how I’m going to quilt the islands on the panel... more outlines and then who-knows-what. I was thinking of doing a map-like grid, but too many motifs overlap, so I don’t think it would look that great, and I’d have to putline things like the ship and treasure chest anyway since they overlap the islands and the water. At least it’ll be done and I can move on. I’m also going to quilt the black lines radiating from the compasses printed on the panels. I don’t know how pretty it will be on the back, but that’s not the point (I hope). I should have pictures after the weekend (at least that’s the hope).

Speaking of pictures, Bill and my stepfather were up on ladders Saturday getting the living room décor all in place! YAY! Here are some photos. The not-so-high walls were pretty much done earlier, but I don’t see that I posted pics (forgive me if it’s twice).

Bill mentioned that the tall wall looks a lot bigger now that it’s not a blank white wall. I’m glad he likes it. Now the only upstairs wall space that hasn’t been done is the inside wall of the dining room and the end of the hall. I think I have everything I want for the dining room, but I have to get about 8 frames for the prints I have. I have three prints that came with a frame - I was going to get those frameless frames for all the prints, but I don’t know if I want that one print to be the only three with a frame. Seems a little silly. But I might change my mind unless I can find a good deal on some frames. I’ll have to see if I can compromise on a combination without spending a ton more money. The opposite dining room wall is done, and I found a lamp at a thrift store that goes well (just don’t look at it too closely, LOL). I forgot to get a picture of that side of the dining room, so I’ll add that to this point later (most likely Saturday).

[imagine photo here]

I also thought to take pictures of the photos in the hallway... not as easy feat since there’s not a door right across from where things are hung. There are engagement, wedding, and candid pictures of Bill and me and our families, and then wedding pictures from all of his [ever been] married siblings (the youngest is a holdout so far, but we can fit him in of we need to).

We don’t have much in the way of harvest décor... I went out and bought some leaves yesterday, and a cute little doll on a broom that was on sale. Then I remembered that I caught little miss Milla kitty chewing on broom straw before. Ugh. I wanted to put it on the hearth, but I don’t know if that would work. So I hung it on our wrought iron railing and we’ll see how that goes. She can still reach it, but not as easily.

Bill and I voted by mail, so that was done early. Bill watched most of the election coverage - I came in late because I was being ADD downstairs and running here and there forgetting what I was planning to do.

Tonight is Girl’s Night Out, and I’ll be working on my second compass block. I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t do at least one more before tonight, but my weekends have been pretty full and the block takes between 2 and 3 hours to do. Plus I was so frustrated after the first one not matching up and the points being lousy, I didn’t want to deal with another one for a while, so I started quilting the panel and I hate to change thread and feet. Yeah, good excuse. I like that. Maybe I’ll get so excited tonight that I’ll want to whip out the other two this weekend, Yeah, Kristin. Good luck with that.

Oh, in some really fun news (at least for me), I found out that more than 3 people have read my blog! Thanks, RaggedLamb! :-)

Not much else to talk about for now... stay tuned for more meaningless rambling about sewing and picture-hanging. Maybe one of these days I’ll find something profound to say.... nah. ;-)


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Leonard Family said...

I am so happy for Bill!! CONGRATS!! I LOVE your decor! BEAUTIFUL! It's fun to read your blog these days! Luv a girl!