Monday, January 12, 2009

Crochet News and Prayer Requests

Hi, all!

Well, Saturday night I was able to assemble the pieces of my crocheted top. YAY! I still have to do the trim and block it, but it’s put together (and something I would actually wear out of the house). There are a few things I’ll do differently on the next one (which will probably get started shortly), but overall not a bad attempt for a first garment. I bought yarn yesterday to do a cardigan - sleeves! ACK! LOL! :-)

Other than that, the Christmas decorations are all now packed away. The mantel looked really bare, so I put the “normal” stuff up there this morning before work since I had a few minutes. It looks a lot better now. Our mantel clock decided to stop working over the holiday, and since everything was bare last night Bill decided to take a look at it and it’s beyond anything he can do. :-( We’ll have to take it somewhere to get it looked at. It’s the biggest clock in the room and it’s got wonderful chimes every quarter hour, and I miss those a lot (yes, even in the middle of the night).

This week doesn’t look very exciting when I look at our calendar - more time to crochet. ;-) For the weekend, my parents are coming up to visit. I’m sure that card play will be involved, and maybe a trip to the casino to play some slots. I had a dream the other night that I won $100 on the slots and there was a quilt shop in the casino. There’s definitely something wrong with me. ;-)

On a more serious note, please pray for my friend Sharon. She lost her dear father in early December. They were extremely close and she did get through the holidays without him, but I don’t know how good of a support system she has. It sounds like a lot of the affairs are settled, but I know the next weeks and months (and years) will be hard for her. Thanks for praying.

Also on the prayer list (though much less important) is that I developed a swollen eyelid last night. It’s about the same this morning, but it hurts to the touch, and it didn’t last night. So thanks for praying for that if you think of it, and hopefully it will go away without my having to take time off work to get it dealt with. My vision seems fine, and it’s not bothering me if I don’t touch it, and it’s nor weeping or anything. I’ve had pinkeye, and this isn’t it. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

I guess that’s about it for this morning... Thanks for reading. :-)


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