Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy [belated] New Year!!!!

Hi, all!
So much has happened since my last post... hopefully you (and I) won't fall asleep reading. ;-)

Today is my first day of work since December 22nd. It's been easier to get back in the routine than I thought, but the getting up at 5am part was a shock. :-\ This lunchtime is very welcome to restore my blood sugar and another caffeine opportunity. :-) So back to the Christmas break.

My parents were scheduled to come for a visit Wednesday through Friday for Christmas (they live about 50 miles away), but the weather changed things a little. We decided that it was best that they come up Tuesday night as they were predicting snow for Wednesday. And did we get snow. And snow. And snow. Our "official" measurement was 9.5 inches, but Mom and I think there was more than that. It was hard to tell since we had snowdrifts here and there and there were few areas that we could measure because they were unaffected. As the week went on, we had significant snow adn slush in our cul-de-sac, and very few people were getting in or out (including the mail carrier). We tried to get out on Friday, but that didn't work. My car isn't bad in the snow, but I wasn't going anywhere in that wet mess. If it had been just snow, we would have been fine, but with all the water and slush underneath... no dice (and no time away from the house). Friday turned into Saturday, and Saturday into Sunday. The snow and slush was starting to recede and more ruts were available, and my parents were running out of medication. So, Sunday they saddled up and Bill and I were ready to push if required. A powerslide and a couple ruts later, they were headed for home. Until that time, Bill was the only one that got a cure for cabin fever - he walked up to the grocery store about a mile away to buy a few things. I got out Monday night to go to dinner, and then ran some errands on Tuesday. It was good to be out.

As for our Christmas, it was white and wonderful. I made a ham for dinner and a couple of the accompanying dishes, and Mom made a couple of the side dishes as well. We've never cooked together much, so that was kind of neat. We had together time, presents, game time, and relax time. It was an altogether good holiday. I had some frustration getting my computer to talk to my new iPod (Bill got my old one), so that was a little annoying. It still every once in a while tries to make me register it (been there, done that), but the largest frustration factor seems to be gone. Now I just have to take all my Christmas songs off there until next year. Even if I don't, I have plenty of room for new songs! YAY! Now I just have to figure out which of my CDs I didn't burn the first time because I didn't have enough room. Hmmmm......

New Year's was pretty low-key... except at Costco! I had to park in a lot that I didn't even know they HAD! The place was a madhouse!! I'm so glad the only thing I went there for was to go to the optical. I went in the middle of the day, thinking that some people had to WORK on December 31. I guess not. ;-) No one but retail people and my husband.

Over the break from work, I'd been playing with some fiber that I couldn't knit or crochet, so I started a really long crocheted chain to make it a little bigger fiber, maybe to make one of those fiber scarves. There's a whirly-gig thingy that would probably do a better job and it would definitely be faster - maybe I should look into that.

For Christmas, among other things, I got a plus-size crochet book that I asked for, and after I got over my intimidation, I decided to try one of the smaller and easier projects (a sleeveless top). I bought some acrylic yarn on sale, and have enough to do the whole thing for $10. I've bough a couple other colors since then in case I need a do-over or like it so much I need more. They're not really light yarns that were recommended (medium weight), but I think it'll be okay for summer. I'd use a lighter fiber, but then I wouldn't know how to modify the pattern, so I'd better stick with the instructions. I'm a self-taught crocheter, and this is my first project where gauge matters, so I'm a little intimidated. Last night I got the back done, and tonight I'll start on the front (including a V-neck - ACK! LOL!). Wish me luck. :-)

I didn't do any sewing (too cold in my sewing room, hee hee) or many things that I expected to do during the break, but at least my crochet made me feel productive (even if I don't have much to show for it). Rest is good, too, right?

Well, back to work I go. Thanks to all you readers out there who make my rambling worthwhile (all 5-6 of you that I know of). :-) I did send my blog address to our Christmas card list... probably one look at this and they won't bother to come back! ;-)



Raggedy Lamb said...

Happy New Year to you, too, Kristin!

Yesterday was Epiphany, the last day of Christmas, so today the tree and nativity scenes and all those lovely reminders of God's love for us got boxed up and put away.

Today is the last day of the Japanese New Year feasting. Although we didn't have the traditional rice gruel and herbs that you're "supposed to eat!"

May God grant you a 2009 whereby you are always assured that He is your Lord and Savior!

Stacy said...

Kristin, you are SO crafty!! I'm so jealous. I couldn't crochet a piece of wearable clothing if all life in the universe depended on it! :P And this is sust another reason why you shouldn't live on that far away coast - you need to be closer so I can learn to crochet and save the world! LOL

Love ya hon!