Friday, January 30, 2009

The things we spend our time on....

Okay, I mean the things I spend MY time on. ;-)

So most of my spare time is spent on the Facebook applications if I’m not eating, sleeping, working, or too lazy to boot up a laptop at home that takes 20 minutes before I can even open a web browser. Hello... my name is Kristin, and I’m a Facebook addict... There’s got to be a 12 step group, but I probably wouldn’t go because I’d be to busy on Facebook. :-p

When I’m too lazy to boot up the computer at home, I have been sorting through my rubber stamps. It all started when I was looking for a couple stamp sets, and then I realized I had never organized them when I took them out of the moving box (over a year ago). So I took them all out with the intent to organize them. First impression looking at all of them is that a rubber stamp store threw up in my craft room. Second impression was “now what?”. Kelli gave me a couple of good ideas, and as much as it’s going to kill me, I think I’m going to have to catalog them since I don’t really know what I have, and that means stamping out all the images on paper. I don’t even want to guess how many stamp sets I have, and I can guess there’s usually about 6-9 stamps per set. This could take a while. I hope I didn’t plan on doing anything constructive for a while. The good news is once it’s done, I can feel a sense of accomplishment and be able to find something (in theory) when I am looking for it. And I get to say that I’ve used every stamp set I own. How many people can way that? :-p

I am AMAZED by how many Christmas stamp sets I have. I shouldn’t be since the main reason I wanted the stamps was to scrapbook and to make Christmas cards. Okay, that sentiment lasted about 20 minutes. :-p I haven’t gone through those to see if there are any I no longer want, but even once I do, I think I’m going to still have a lot of Christmas stamps. And now we have a ton of purchased cards... I’ll probably make some (or finish ones I’ve started over the past few years) for this coming Christmas for the people that will appreciate them. Unfortunately, that’s not that many. But we’ll see what happens. I already have about two dozen stamp sets set aside to get rid of... I’m not sure how I’m going to go about selling them, but let’s deal with the business at hand first. They can sit in the garage just as well as all the other things I’ve been meaning to get rid of that are too valuable to just give away.

I got a great gift from a friend this week - two earwarmers! Just in time for a cold windy day, too! How did she know? ;-) Here’s her blog post about them with pictures. I haven’t taken a picture of me wearing them yet... I’ve been holed up in the craft room or sitting at the computer.

I have a haircut appointment tonight... my stylist likes me because she can experiment. :-) I never know what it’s going to look like (not that I don’t have a say - it’s just that lately I don’t care much, hee hee). And no, I’m not going to take pictures. I have pictures from Christmas I can show you the last cut, and I haven’t even gotten those uploaded yet. I’ll probably use one of them (If I like them) for my Facebook profile picture since I don’t have anything too recent to put up there. Right now I’ve got an avatar as my profile picture. I’m such a dork.

That’s all I’ve been up to... I’d update more often if there was something to say, so take it for granted that I’m not doing much besides Facebook if you don’t see me post. ;-)



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