Friday, January 9, 2009

Facebook Fun and Crochet Cautious Optimism

Hi, all!

There’s not much to talk about in my world, but that rarely stops me. ;-)

I’ve been playing on Facebook a little more... not that I have much more figured out, but I’ve been playing. ;-) They have quite a few cool applications and features and silly stuff that no one really needs but entertains us and keeps us from doing less important things like laundry and such. :-p

This weekend we’re planning on taking down our Christmas decorations... why are they so much easier to put up than take down? ;-) Hopefully we’ll get it all done Saturday and then have Sunday to do what we want after church.

I started the front of my crocheted sleeves top this week - I’m 2/3 done and just at the neckline. Now I’m going to learn how to make a V-neck. Good luck! :-p Hopefully it will all turn out fine - I did find out that I was a stitch over somewhere along the line, but I have the number of stitches I’m supposed to have for the row right before the V-neck. Hopefully one extra stitch in the armpit won’t make a difference.

Weather-wise, we’re enjoying a dry day so far today, which hasn’t been the norm lately. There has been quite a bit of flooding here between the melting snow and the rain. Not a huge surprise since there’s flooding to some extent every spring, but it’s been pretty devastating and unusual for January. Bill and I are high and dry, but there are some pictures on TV that just tug at your heart. As expected in a flood situation, there are people (and retailers) who have lost much or everything, and one woman who is lucky to be alive after her house slid off its foundation and down the hill (while she was in it). It’s a good reminder of how incredibly blessed we are.

Believe it or not, that’s all I have for now. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll try not to be so boring next time. ;-)


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