Monday, January 19, 2009

My weekend

Hi, all!

Well, I haven’t started my second garment yet (haven’t even checked the blocking on the first) for lack of time, but I did manage to buy some yarn Sunday. ;-) I also completed a four-page layout for my friend Jana. She only wanted one page, but it was a workshop and we had the packages handed to us. I was going to use them for my niece’s layout, but I saw little frogs on VERY cute girl paper, and I couldn’t help but think of Jana (and the fact that I still owe her a layout). I don’t know what she’ll use it for - it’s not baby-specific - so she should have fun with it for some occasion either now or down the road. I’m going to give her the embellishments to play with (hint, Jana: princess party or dress-up) so she can tailor it herself. I think she’ll have fun with it, whatever she decides to use it for. Sunday was also nice because my workshop was in the evening, we got to have a leisurely Sunday morning / early afternoon before I left at 4pm to go shopping and head to the workshop.

Saturday was a fun day... we went to a wine-tasting party in the evening with a local wine club we belong to, and with our membership card we were able to do some free tasting beforehand at some local wineries. This was the first even we’d been able to make it to because more are in Seattle, and this one was practically in our backyard! So we starting our wine-tasting about 2pm, had lunch at a hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop nearby that Bill had a coupon for (I would go back again - good stuff!), hit one more winery where we met a great gal named Julie who was part of the club, and in addition to a bottle of wine, we scored a reusable 4-bottle wine bag for $2. That will be GREAT for the grocery store (not that we’ll need to buy wine from the store anytime soon). After that, we went on to the “warehouse district.” It’s a corporate park that has several (more than a dozen, I think) winery taste and sales rooms. I think we hit 4-5 of them - we bought two bottles at one, one bottle at one (a nice blend named after their poodle/cocker mix who happened to be there and was a great little pooch), and then went to a couple where we didn’t end up buying anything. I was collecting corks, though, for some art project I’m going to do eventually, so the places that we didn’t get wine from, I did manage to get a cork (except one place that had lame corks). One place gave bill a bag of corks (and they were different styles, so that was cool). I’m not sure at what point I’m going to start this endeavor or how big it’s going to end up (considering out kitchen wall space, there may end up being more than one), but we’ve been collecting corks from our bottles for a couple months now. I saw a couple that were really cool-looking, and I decided I needed to play with them. ANYWAY, back to Saturday. After the tastings, the party started at 6pm at another winery outlet, and there was art on display for sale, a ping pong table, a live band, and sports from a projector that took up a great amount of wall space (they’re having a Superbowl party there) - something for pretty much everybody. And, of course, and more tasting from their winery and another couple places that I didn’t catch (darn, I forgot to get a cork from two of the three tables. Oh, well). The only hitch in the day was my skirt. I didn't realize when I put it on (for the first time) that it was too big (it seemed to fit okay at the time), and it kept falling down to my hips. And I had been more worried about my panty hose! The day and night when pretty okay (it dropped to about mid-hip at one point, but hopefully no one noticed). Well, as soon as I got home, the thing dropped to my ankles! Glad it was then and not at another time! I had some static cling issues, too, but that wasn't as bad as the rest. I guess I'm going to have to remember how to make darts and snug that thing up a bit. :-p

I’ve also been spending some time on Facebook. Boy, that place is addictive! I’ve got a (fluff)friend, a pet at the pet society, several applications, and all sorts of fun stuff. Sometimes I even do serious things like look at peoples’ pictures and comment, or look for people I haven’t seen in a long time to see if they’re there. ;-) I was showing Facebook to my husband this weekend. I don’t think he’ll be getting an account anytime soon - he’s not as frivolous and silly as I am. :-D If you’re on Facebook, feel free to look me up (most people reading this probably know my real name - if not, let me know and we’ll see how I can get you my email address).

Well, I think that’s all the news I have the attention span for today... have a great week!


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Leonard Family said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! Oh the scrap pages sound wonderful! a 4 page layout! SWEET! Thank-you so much!! YOU ROCK!

Love you! Miss you!