Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend update

Happy Monday, everyone! :-)

Thanks to a couple great ideas from my friend Kelli, I spent some time “organizing” my craft room Saturday. I moved some boxes to other rooms that had space (mainly the downstairs bathroom that’s three times bigger than it needs to be) and then was able to fit a wire cart and unearth my Iris carts. I have the things I have to move to get somewhere else at a minimum now, and they are things I don’t use very often or don’t need until I start a specific project. I was also able to unpack a box that was under my desk so I can actually put my legs there now - that was the main goal. I can’t say that it’s “organized” to most people’s standards, but I can walk around and I know where most things are. I’ve also gotten bitten by the scrapbooking bug (and discouraged from some of my sewing projects) so I might be doing some scrapping in my not-too-distant future. In the meantime, Walgreens is having a 10 cent per print sale, so I am going to try to go through my wedding photos and take advantage of printing some photos to get the wedding album started (once I’ve had a little more practice at scrapping since it’s been so long).

I do have to prepare my rose quilt to take to Girl’s Night Out on February 4, so I have a few more blocks to assemble before I can take the rows to sew. I should get the setting triangles cut, too, but I haven’t wanted to deal with that yet, plus getting all the blocks in each row put together will keep me busy for a while. I’m smart enough (believe it or not) not to sew rows together before I have the setting triangles in place. ;-) I do have a row on my design wall that I know is wrong, do I’m anxious to get the other rows in place to see what the problem is. I think a block or two migrated when the kitty batted them out of place, but they look like they belong there, so I’m stumped. All my rows need to have and odd number of blocks, but one or two have even numbers. That’s not going to work. :-p

Yesterday Bill and I and my parents to a bus trip to a casino a couple hours away. The buffet was good (too bad in landed on my white shirt - any suggested for a way to get chocolate out without having to go out and buy anything elaborate?)... I ended up losing what I brought except for $4, and the three of them each won $3 plus the match play coupon values they turned in (they had $15-$17 - I had $5). Bummer deal. But I had fun, and of course I was starting to win $2-$5 at a time right when it was time to leave. :-( Oh, well.

I guess that’s about all the update for the weekend... pretty much the rest of the time I played on Facebook. Bill has threatened to block the site on my computer. ;-)

Have a great week, everyone!



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