Friday, January 23, 2009

Not much to say, but I'm saying it anyway! ;-)

Hi, all!

There hasn’t been much new and different going on for the last week, but I’ll ramble anyway. ;-)

My eye is still a little red but not nearly as swollen (thanks, Kelli, for asking). I’ve only worn makeup once since it started swelling, and I haven’t worn contacts in I can’t tell you how long (before the swelling started, anyway).

This weekend will be pretty low-key... Saturday we have a free day to do whatever we want, and Sunday we’re taking a bus trip with my parents to Lucky Eagle casino. If you’re on the bus, they give you a ticket for a discounted buffet, so we usually eat first and then gamble our $10-$20 in the slots (the last of the high-rollers). The trip is kind of long, but it gives us a chance to visit. I can’t believe it’s been the week of Christmas since we’ve seen my parents! We’re going down there next weekend for a generic visit - nothing really on the agenda.

Work has been feast or famine for the past couple weeks or so, and this week there was some feasting, so that was nice. I also have a new manager (my former one moved on to another position), but it’s someone I like and who knows me pretty well, so that’s good. And we have the same last name. In fact, that’s how Bill and I got talking on the day we met. I found out his last name was Helgeson and I asked him if he was any relation to the Don Helgeson I worked with (who is now my manager). :-) Hopefully HR won’t think Don and I are related and try to suggest moving me out of the group. ;-)

Bill still likes his job, and he has his 90-day review next week. He expects it to go well because his manager and the interim manager that was there when he got there have been giving him good feedback. YAY! He’s still spending his time on the bus reading and / or listening to his new iPod (well, new to him - it used to be mine and I upgraded).

I had dinner with my friend Kelli last night - she’s always great to chat with, listen to, and glean great craft ideas from. She made a few suggestions that I’m going to have to try to follow up on - maybe tomorrow if I don’t have my butt in front of Facebook all bloomin’ day. (Bill won’t let that happen.) I have all these craft “urges” to scrapbook or crochet (not much sewing - pretty discouraged there at the moment and have been for about a month or so) when I’m at work, but I’m so fatigued when I get home that I couldn’t care less about doing anything. Hopefully with some sleep tonight, tomorrow will be a semi-productive day.

That’s it for now... I’m starting to really ramble about nothing, and pretty soon I’m going to be telling you what I had for dinner all week just to fill space. ;-)



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